Friday, September 21, 2012

Steampunk jewellery-Before Jewellery Class Play

I've woken up today feeling totally exhausted  and my head buzzing at the same time. I have just been a student in Mary Hettmansperger jewellery surface treatment workshop for the past three days and OMG OMG OMG it was sssooo awesome. Mary was freakin fantastic and all the ladies in the class were really nice. I think I only blushed once LOL. I now feel even more comfortable with lighting gas to the point I went to the hardware store and got a large butane torch. I've only been using a small creme brulee torch till now. I didn't get to practice all the techniques Mary showed us but I wrote allot of notes and I can always buy her books too. Even though we made modern looking jewellery in class I did manage to get some of my cogs on there LOL. Before classes started I made some more jewellery to wear. I'll put them up now and then tomorrow do a post with what we made in class.

This first one is a handmade "house 6" bezel necklace I've used a long eyelet as a chimney. After I had soldered the roof on and trimmed it I realized the roof was not on straight so I added a chimney to even out the look a bit. Inside the bezel is an old pen nib, vintage lady tin type photo and Ice Resin.

 Next is a vintage brass toned round bezel with wings, cogs, a tiny light bulb and Ice Resin.

My friend  (the awesome lamp work bead maker from Tasmania) Gail Hart was here a few weeks back and she gave me some shotgun shells to play with. I had wanted some of these for ages but couldn't get any. It takes a bit of fiddling to get the hard plastic or rubber from the inner base but once you do you are left with a brass bezel!!!. I used one to make this adjustable ring. I put the word "love" in there as I wanted to make something nice from something that I see as rather sinister. Ice Resin on top of course. I also made another nest ring but I have put images of them up before so wont do so now.

 Along with necklaces and rings I wanted to make some new etched metal cuffs. This one is etched nickel silver and has a large brass back nut bezel, vintage male image, silver toned wings, small cogs and Ice Resin.

 An etched brass large back nut bezel with bird, nest, "eggs" and Ice Resin

 Then I recreated the captured faerie "specimen number one" necklace I had made before. I still need to straighten a few wires and trim closer to wire ends but my prescription glasses broke and although I can sort of manage with just magnifying glasses I am struggling with close up stuff.

Mo and Jo thankyou for your visit and please stay awhile longer now I am armed with even more arty jewellery goodness from my classes with Mary :o)
Annette In Oz xxxx


Jen Crossley said...

I knew you would love Marys class isnt she amazing.I so love your work Annette you know Im such a huge fan.So proud of you and your art

Michele said...

A.W.E.S.O.M.E.......Can't wait to see what you did in class too :)
I love, love, love the bezel with wings & lightbulb. You clever girl!

Lauren said...

Both these necklace pendants looks fantastic. I actually like the off-centre roof on the first one. The second one is just stunning!

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Unique and interesting designs.
-Eva Maria

Xanapan said...

Just stunning pieces as always Annette. Love looking at your work, thank you for sharing.


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