Monday, September 17, 2012

Modern Relics

I'm excited to be doing three days of jewellery surface treatments classes with Mary Hettsmansperger from tomorrow. She is a well known jewellery artist from the USA and amazingly for me the classes are being held in the Virgen's studio which is only one suburb from me yeah. Hard part....groan...what to bring???
I'll let you all know how me and my stupid shoulder go. I've packed a note book in case the shoulder starts giving me too much trouble then I can just watch and take notes.
On my last few days off I have begun to make some more jewellery for myself. There are all sorts of stuff all over my desk as usual. I had bought two gorgeous hand caste bronze items from ubber talented Christin Atkins . I had my two grils in mind in getting these. I did try a few vintage bits and pieces in them but they just didn't look right...maybe too modern I think sssooo I decided to go with something a bit more shiny and modern. The first is a gold tone bronze tree with a tiny bezel at the base that I filled with glittery, glassy stuff, an opalized heart and Ice Resin.

The other was a spiky heart in silver tone bronze. Made in a similar way but the glittery glass stuff is red and blue.
Sorry the photos are not the best but these are shiny shiny shiny and my little old digital couldn't handle it too well. Thinking its time to go for a bigger and better camera. Off to try a sort out what to bring tomorrow!!
Annette In Oz xxx


Jen Crossley said...

Love what you did with Chris bezels she is a amazing artist as are you.You will love Marys class she is awesome you will learn so much.Dont forget to tell her I told you to go that you would love it.
have fun xxx

Samantha Marshall said...

they're really cool Annette!

Lauren said...

Wow, you do modern designs just as well as the vintage ones!


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