Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SEW it begins

It's Tuesday!! I love Tuesday and Friday as they are my days off. If I get the housework (sorry for swearing *grin*) done in good time I get to steal a little time for myself in my tiny art space located in my spare room. Today I wanted to get a start on some more steampunk heart necklaces...the universe heard me and I have three puffy hearts awaiting their(and mine) destiny LOL.

This one is copper that I have hand etched and then puffed. I'll keep this one aside for now as the first one I want to make I want it to be very similar to my original one here

This is the one I will work on today. I've filled a little brass keyhle that I got from Jen Crossley's shop with Ice Resin and tiny watch cogs and I think I may use this movable brass propeller? 

My first and only steampunk heart necklace took me  a week to nut out so I am hoping I can still remember the lessons I learnt doing that one so this one wont take as long! If and when I get it made I will gift it to someone special whom I know is a lover of steampunk like me. And so it begins...

While I was working at my desk I kept getting distracted by a gorgeous embossed metal egg that Grant got me from an antique shop in Adelaide. As I have said in the past getting anything antique, of good quality and good price in Darwin is impossible so I was a kid in a candy shop when we visited antique shops while I was away...the only problem was I had very little money to spend!! Grant wanted to buy me a few things with his money for me for Christmas and this was one item I chose.

The lady who sold it to me wasn't sure exactly what it was. This morning I Googled it and its a vintage thimble holder (hence my "sew" post title LOL) that was likely attached to a Chatelaine...a waist hanging Victorian keepsake holder...it would have things such as the pantry key, glasses holder, retractable pencil, stamp holder box, Etui(sewing kit) etc attached to the waste clasp with chains. I can't see any makers marks on mine and I am not sure what the silver colour metal is but I just love this treasure. You press the little spring button and it opens. The twisted vintage looking safety pin its hanging from is my own handmade faux vintage pin :o). In my research I also discovered this is worth ALLOT more then Grant paid for it... I had ideas to alter this and make it into a necklace but that idea is now scraped!!

The inside is polished silver looking

 and the outside has this gorgeous floral design on it.

A closer look at the brass detail from front and back.

Another thing that costs me an arm and a leg to get in Darwin is vintage pen nibs so I was very excited to be able to buy a whole box full of them from another antique shop using my Christmas money from Grant and at a great price too.

My last treasure was a beautiful piece of carnival glass in the form of a tray. The little porcelain bird I bought at an art shop on Kangaroo Island. I nearly forgot I also got an antique small shoe polish tin with shoe polish still in it as well....hhhmmm where have a I put that LOL?

I'm sure I'll find it sooner or later. Now I solved the mystery of the little metal egg and the washing is done I'm off to continue on the steampunk heart necklace journey.
Annette In Oz


kelsey said...

I love Tuesday and Friday too... my days off as well! :-)
You know what's annoying though, when it's your day off and you have zero creativity! Hate that.

Love the vintage egg and your puffy steampunk heart is going to be just gorgeous I'm sure.


Thanks Kelsey
LOL that we have the same days of...pity we didn't live in the same state as we could visit each other on our days off and create inker awesomeness!!

Lucy said...

OMG, your puffy hearts are FABULOUS!
Your gift from Grant is wonderful, & I am so glad you & Grant got to spend some quality time together!
Can't wait till you load your creations into your Etsy shop!!
Hugs Lucy

Barb said...

Fabulous antique items you got from Grant, Annette. Love those hearts can't wait to see the finished result:)
hugs Barb

lindacreates said...

Your hearts are fabulous! I am behind on my blogs so look forward to catching up.

Lovely thimble holder, what a find! You will treasure this forever.


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