Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Faux Marbling with Shaving Cream How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

Morning everyone
so yesterday I put my hand into all those tips and techniques I have collected over my paper crafting years and I pulled out "Faux Marbling" and smiled. This is an old old technique and brings back fond memories of playing with this with my children when they were small. As my eldest is now 22 that was way back LOL.

  • Shaving cream-any brand and in fact cheap brands seem to work best
  • Re inkers, spray inks, thinned paint etc or even food colouring works
  • Gladbake or other protective surface paper
  • A plastic tray big enough for Q6 or even up to A4 paper size
  • An old credit card or palette knife
  • Skewer or end of a paint brush
  • Paper towel
  • Gloves or you don't like ink stained hands
  • White or pale coloured mat card stock cut big enough to fit in your tray. Gloss will work but comes out with a paler effect. Sturdy 300gms card stock works well
(1) Place a sheet of Gladbake on your work surface. Place tray on top. Shake shaving cream and squeeze about 1cm deep into the tray. You don't have to fill the whole tray base just enough for the size of your card stock.

(2) Use the old credit card or palette knife and smooth over the surface.

(3) Add drops of colour. In this one I used Alcohol inks by Ranger. I use 1-3 colours only and think about your colour theory as they will mix and can get muddy looking.


(4) Now drag the skewer back and forth and in circles thru the mix to make a marble effect. What a colourful mess LOL. I'm sure I have seen paintings that are considered fine art that look like this :o).

(5) Place card stock on the surface. I find the best way to do this is to gently bend the card stock in the center upward to make a "U" shape and place the bend on the surface first and then gently press the two ends down as well. Gently press card all over at the back to make sure it has full contact with the surface.

(6) Slowly peel the card stock back up and place it on the Gladbake. It looks good enough to eat!

 (7) Scrap off excess back into your tray with the credit card and then blot off any remaining shaving cream with a paper towel. Tada beautiful marble looking hand coloured card stock. If you haven't got full coverage you can place the card stock back on the shaving cream and try again. Card stock will bend up and then flatten once dry.

(8) Flatten the shaving cream and repeat the above steps. Each print will be lighter and the colour more mixed. When you don't like the effect anymore rinse the shaving cream off  and start again.

Well that's it and then you can stamp on top or layer images etc and have the marbled bg showing thru. As I had all the stuff out to do this I decided to go all out and try things with any colours within reach. The next two I have used two Adirondack dye ink re-inker colours and the yellow was a Colorbox pigment ink re-inker.

I even sprayed gold Perfect Pearls spray on top of the shaving cream before I put the card stock down for this one.

This next batch I used Vivid dye ink re-inkers.

This is the first pull up colour on the card stock.

See how the colours are less intense with subsequent pulls of card stock?.

This patch I used Radiant Rain sprays. I shook them, took the lids off and splattered the colour around.

Its hard to capture the glimmer in photos but the effect was pastel coloured shimmer!!

After a few pulls the base colour was mainly pale blue so I added some more drops of the Radiant Rain on top but didn't mix them in this time and placed my card stock straight on top.

And got this.

My last pull of colour was very pale so I jazzed it up. Where my Radiant Rains had been sitting some of the ink had puddled around the circular bases of the bottles...so I used the base of bottle to twist into the settled colours and stamped coloured rings on top.

This one is done using just one colour of ink only

This is a finished card made from one of my faux marbled back grounds

So there you have it faux marbling. I would love to see what anyone makes with this. Positive thoughts to all my family and friends in QLD. I'm hoping the weather improves soon for you all and you are all safe and not affected by flooding. Oh dang sorry if you read this earlier with all the spelling mistakes LOL...I type looking down....I think I have all the errors fixed now :o).
Annette In Oz


Glenda said...

Looks great Annette. I love Marbling should do more of it. I have done the real thing in NZ and should teach it really LOL.

Samantha Marshall said...

Fantastic Annette!!! Thanks:)

Lauren said...

I love this technique, even though I've only done it once since leaving school. You might have inspired me to give it a go again. :)

sara j said...

I'm buying shaving cream this weekend!!
Thanks for the tip


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