Monday, March 26, 2018

Emerging-rock art

We had a small but fierce cyclone make a direct hit to Darwin over a week ago. It caused a zillion trees to fall over taking out power and phone lines all over the place. Thankfully we didn't loose power like many others (some for 8 days!!) but we had no internet for three days. I'm not a great TV watcher like my hubby so I spent a day trying to paint a rock....I wanted it to look like the person was staring out from the rock or "emerging" from the the rock. In my internet searches I had seen quite a few hand painted rocks with this type of work on it and it intrigued me so I decided to give it a try!

I started with a sea rock I found on a local beach which was roughly head shaped

Gesso tinted base and texture paste applied with palette knife to make a scarf and away I went!!

After around 15 layers of acrylic paint, glaze, touch ups etc etc I looked down and actually impressed myself with the result LOL. I tend to zone out from the overall project and work a small area at a time so I don't always realize what is emerging till I step back at the end and look. Thing is I'm not really sure how I was able to pull this off haha and I doubt very much I could ever repeat it BUT for the first time since I started painting rocks I wanted to keep this one for myself. I may release her after a while but for now I'll prop her up on my work desk I think :)

Better try and get some simpler rocks done to hide in the local parks once the hard working council has cleaned them up. I love seeing the children's happy faces when they find the decorated rocks....after all art is wondrous in any form I think.


Annette In Oz x


Sapphire-Rose said...

I love the rock you painted, and I think what you are doing is awewsome! What a great idea to hide the painted rocks in the local park for the kids to find! What a great way to introduce 'art' to kids, and done in such a fun way - I love it! Thanks, and please create some more "rocks"! I am hooked:-)
Sunshine, New Zealand

Neet said...

Not at all surprised you want to keep this one for yourself. Fabulous work! You always produce something that I fall in love with. Lovely to see this.
Hugs, Neet xx


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