Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bright Collages by Three

WOOPS I forgot to upload this with the cards yesterday so forgive me for adding it to that start and not the end....just go past it to the collages if you like.It is a Radiant rain sprayed and stamped envelope for one of the cards to go in.The Radiant Rains come out grogeous on the enve paper and although you can't see it in the photo it has a beautiful metallic shimmer to it

My hands are covered in inks and paints but I am happy with these three collages I got done today after lunch.The first one uses the base sample Celeste sent me so all I had to do was stick the image down,add the wire embellishment,flowers and word plus a bit more ink wash.I'm no where near as good at these as Celeste is but they are very rewarding

This is the same card taken at the top side...hope you can see the lovely textures

From the side bottom showing the three flowers and more texture

Once I was done I made my own version of the bases and used images from After Midnight art stamps.This Gypsy child from the Music plate is so lovely and quite a large stamp so was an excellent choice for this technique

From the top side view

Bottom side view

For the last collage I just had to use "the Hunk" LOL from the Lea Cioci stamp line at After Midnight Art Stamps

View from top side

and bottom up

Now I have been side tracked for half the day I had better get back to making my fabric ATC's...four of which are done....only 12 to go


Celeste said...

Just love these Annette and can tell you had fun making them too.

Zookeeper56k said...

WOW-What wonderful talent

Musing said...

Fabulous work Annette. I love the texture you have put into them, and the fact that they are bright. I am right into bright colour at the moment.

Annette Husband said...

Thansk Celeste,Katherine and Marg
hey Celeste they are not as good as yours woman...I have much to learn but heck they were fun to make.Marg I see you have some of the art retreat stuff up at your it all.

Night Owl Designs said...

Annette, you have outdone yourself! These collages look amazing :-)

Danielle D said...

These are gorgeous, Annette - so lush.

Artlab said...

incredibly delicous- I wish I could touch all that texture!

Carol said...

Drop dead gorgeous. love the color and the texture, love it all.

Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Ho Boy, Annette!!!! These are SO incredibly GORGEOUS!!! You really worked a lot of time and care on this piece!!!!!! In fact, your whole blog is pretty darn INCREDIBLE!! WOW-WEEEE!!!!

Rosie said...

Gosh, these are stunning! You and Celeste are amazing! I have a ton of ideas right now, so I'm off to play!!

Lorri said...

Gorgeous Texture and Colours :)
I really like these, thanks for sharing.

Angela Sargeant said...

Absolutely stunning Annette! I would have never of thought of use a Cuttlebug with collage/vintage style. THanks for the inspiration. :)

Pam S. said...

Amazing! I have a question though and it's probably obvious but I can't tell how you get the image in the center w/out the texture of the embossing showing through. I need a video! lol Your water transfer video is so good - I'm sad cuz wouldn't you know, I have Epson and durabrite ultra ink. When you say calico - is that a tight woven canvas type fabric? 100% cotton?
I used to quilt and calico was usually all the pattern fabrics for quilting in the USA.
thanks so much!


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