Monday, June 23, 2008

One More Textured Cuttlebug Card

Hi everyone....well I have about five more textured Cuttlebug cards done and then I think I have them out of my system LOL...well maybe.You see I have used stamped images here as I want to send these to a stamp company owner but you could easily change the centre image to a transfer of a family photo or vintage image etc.Hence (and with Celeste's and her friends Ok) I shall shortly share how I make these.Anyway till I get the time to put that up here is another stamped one.It's an After Midnight art stamp fairy image that I have used.This first photo shows the fairy with her wings flat.Luminarte Polished Pigments used on the Cuttlebug texture so it has super saturated shimmery colour all over.Shrink plastic After Midnight art stamps butterflies and Collections words

Next photo shows the fairy with her wings to love cold laminate for wings

This is the view from the bottom up below....LLLllllove the texture

Next is the view from top left

and lastly from top can see the colour under the wings here.I painted the fairy with Daler Rowney liquid Pearlescent acrylics

I have the how too still photos ready to load but I will also do a short video if I can get a few hours alone to upload as well...stay tuned.


QueenPam said...

It is so beautiful. I can't wait for the video so I can learn how this is done. Thank your friends for me for giving you permission! QP

kiwicarole said...

I love your cuttlebug work! And your choice of colours are yummy! A cuttlebug, mmmmm, oh dear, another toy! Lol!

inge said...

Hello Annette,

I discovered your blog just two days ago. I watched your video on the opals embossing enamel several times.
So, I stay tuned for more !
Inge ( from Belgium)


HiPam Carole and Inge
thanks for dropping by :o).I have today off so shall try to get the stills for the how to up today and then the video tomorrow

karen gooch said...

Hi Annette love the cuttlebug embossing it is great just need some time now to play and try it out
stamp craft

Therese D in Oz said...

WOW Annette. They are just gorgeous. I love the texture the cuttlebug gives and the way you used it to make collages. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

KAT said...

The CB texture cards completed are fabulous! Wonderful - I'm hoping you are on feedblitz or feedburner so that I can get email updates - your work is very creative and artsy - I just love it!!!

Hello from Ohio USA!

Mel M. M. M. said...

Incredibly gorgeous! The colour the image...& of course the texture! WOW! :o)


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