Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cuttlebug Textured Cards

Today is my eldest daughters 18th birthday.This After Midnight art stamp reminds me of her so I used it over the Luminarte Polished Pigments decorated Cuttlebug frame from yesterdays post to make her a card.
I'm loving the textures you get from these and have ordered some more folders.This photo below is taken from the bottom right side.The metal label was coloured with Alcohol inks and then hit with the heat gun till it bubbled.Gold pint was then dry brushed over the texture areas.I made her eyes and lips pop by covering them with a layer of Plaid Dimensional Magic

More from the top right

From the top left

This is the card I made for a male relative.I made this more subtle so the hunk stood out.It's painted with acrylics and then with gold paint dry brushed on to highlight the textured areas
The last card is a riot of colour and I again used black gesso over the Cuttlebug texture frame,then tapped on Stewart Superior Palette Stamp and Stick black Gluepad ink,heat activated the adhesive with the heat gun and dusted on Polished Pigments

I'm really tired today as my dughter went to town with friends so she could celebrate as she turned a good Mum I of course could not sleep and kept one ear listening for the phone.I suspect I have years of that sort of worry to come.Day three of days off today so I hope the coffee kicks in and I get some more creative work done


Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Eeeeeeeee-YAOW, Annette!!!! These are totally GORGEOUS!!!!!! Whew!!!!!

Sue McGettigan said...

These are amazing, I love the way you build a frame using different CB folders - most cool :)

Night Owl Designs said...

Wow, you've been busy Annette! Love them all.

Rosie said...

Annette, you always delight me when I pop in to see your most recent artlings! These cards are awesome. I love my CB folders too!
IMHO, CB should employ you as a demonstrator to show everyone how the folders can enhance your artwork!

QueenPam said...

How do you do this? I have tried hard to figure it out. Looks great. QP


Hi everyone and thanks for all the great feedback...been busy with the non creative part of my life but if you check back in a few days I'll try to have a how too up for those who would like one :o)


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