Monday, September 15, 2008

VIDEO: How To Make Opals Embossing Enamel "Paper"

At last I have this video shows how I make my thin sheets of Opals Embossing Enamel subtrate sheets that I use alot in my art/craft work.Many people e-mailed asking me to make a video of the process even though I have done few step by step posts with photos about it in the past.I have to confess I prefer to watch something being done to reading about it myself LOL.As usual I have not listened to myself on the video so if there is something I say that does not make sense just e-mail me for a clarification..For those that use UTEE I'm sure this would work just the same with that but I just don't own any myself.
NOTE-the fabric bit that I switch too part way thru in the Video was already pre-attached to thin Vilene that was bondable on one side...that is why it is so easy to see thru.Sprinkling Opals on the fabric alone doesn't seem to make the pages sturdy enough and hence I use heavy weight Vilene on its' own or heavy weight Vilene with tissue attached or light weight Vilene that I attach fabric too.
Give it a go and let your imagination run wild...iron in glitter,Fantasy Film,adhesive foils,foil flakes,frozen Opals,Jo Sonja's Opal Dust or Gold Dust,mesh,micro beads etc etc.The pages will be sturdy yet pliable to a degree so you can cut them,run them thru a sewing machine,emboss them in a Cuttlebug,punch shapes with them and anything else you can think of .Don't forget you can leave the end result matt like after ironing on the Opals or hit it with your heat gun to make it shiny...take care though if you have used sheer material here as it may burn off and shrink/distort.Back to my 31 never ending pages for my collab book swap


Mari said...

Ooo, Annette! I'm so glad you finally gave us the video! It looks so easy... maybe I'll be able to actually do it! lol
And... I *LOVE* your accent!

sandyh said...

wow annette! it sure is better to actually see it being done! love it! and i love your voice also!
tfs, sandyh

Bethel of Bethania said...

Well looks like I could manage that & it does look like fun ... umm now you have got my creative juices raring to go ... thanks & take care ... OOroo ... Bethel

Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Annette!
THANK YOU so much for making a video of your cool Opals Embossing Enamel "Paper" . . . what a WONDERFUL technique and effect!!!! I LOVE it!!!

Debbi Baker said...

Have I ever mentioned how incredible I think you are???? This is fantastic plus I loved hearing your voice again. I am going to try it now that I can see that it is a quick (ish!) technique - you know me, it can't take too long or I will lose interest!


Thanks evryone
glad it may be of use to someone.Don't know why I even think to try such things.LOL Deb the queen of layers...thanks you are sweet but right back at you with that compliment

Chris n kitties said...

thankyou so much for the great video. It is lovely when someone shares like you have.


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