Thursday, October 2, 2008

Flowers and Eggs

In the name of "why not" I decided to try some thick Opals Paper in the Cuttlebug.I had only used the light weight Vilene and material Opals Paper to do this in the past as I just thought the heavy weight one wouldn't work.Again it was wider then the Cuttlebug opening so I put the Opals Paper in the embossing folder at an angle,closed the lid and folded the excess Opals Paper over the didn't crack or break.Then I fed it thru slowly and hey presto it came out the other end with no problem.I repeated this with two other embossing folders to get the whole piece embossed in a seamless way.Onto that I painted on some Jo Sonja Opal Dust and added a few oil slick foil highlights on the raised texture parts.
The lady is a vintage image Inkjet water transfer onto unbleached calico glued down with gel medium.I love that image as you can make a "smelly" quote to go with her "woops" look LOL.Angelina fibre and After Midnight rectangular floral stamp image at bottom(see post below for how this works).Friends page pebble glued to the Angelina fibres at base.So there you go thick and thin Opals Paper goes thru the bug just fine

View from bottom below...oh after I took these I did repair the corners as they kept lifting.The brads were originally only thru the Opals Paper but now go thru all layers so it stays flatter

I got caught up on Tuesday(my day off this week)so did not play much with the new Abalone Opals that I have just got .I think it will have to wait till next week when I have three days off :o)


Heather "Hev" said...

Oh I love this - the quote certainly made me giggle!!

Debbi Baker said...

Another incredible result Annette - fabulous texture!! Love the colours too.

Night Owl Designs said...

Stunning Annette, you're so clever!

Jen Crossley said...

AWESOME Annette the colours and texture look amazing


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