Sunday, October 12, 2008

Transformation of A Candle Holder

Now where have I been LOL...nope no more travelling around...I'm broke!!!.I'm in my busy week section for work which is pretty exhausting and time consuming with the shift work and all but I decided to do an on line drawing art lesson with Jessica Wesolek from Cre8it ...the artistic and creative lady who sells sheer heaven and other things.I used to draw ALLOT when I was younger till I was 28 and got married and had three kids and had no time.I'm wanting to get into some canvas stuff and add some drawn elements to them(God forbid LOL)but can't draw like I used too so hence the class.I'm really enjoying it so far as I have never had any formal art training so what Jessica has taught me in two lessons has opened my eyes immensely....6 lessons to go.No I am not brave enough to show you my attempts either
Anyway I was looking for some scans of my drawings from my twenties(might show you those) and found these images of a candle holder I altered that I do feel OK in sharing *grin*.I made this last year for the Pipe Dreamink ladies.It's a candle holder that has six rectangular openings.In three sections I did Opals embossing enamel transfers using vintage images and Franklin clear Opals embossing enamels.I coloured them with alcohol inks and pearlescent paints from behind and added some decorative trim at the bottom that I stamped some words on.Below is side one

and side two

and three
If you were wondering...I did put a tea light candle in there and light it and NO the Opals transfers did not melt!!!.When I saved these images they were in a small file format as I had no idea blogger was out there then so sorry the file sizes are not to draw some more circles and lines!!!

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Jo Wholohan said...

this is STUNNING Annette!!! Wow :)) xx


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