Monday, October 20, 2008

A Simple Pleasure

A long long time ago there was a young child.She was the daughter of a kind,creative Mum and a hard working Dad but she was the second youngest of seven kids and the family was fairly poor.Materialistic toys were never in great abundance but love and encouragement were.Her Mum would often doodle and the little girl would look on in awe.One day her Mum gave her a drawing pad and some pencils and she began to draw and colour to her hearts content.This led to other creative past times like making people from pegs,making hand sewn clothes for them and carving coconuts etc but drawing was her favourite thing to do.
The child continued to draw and create as she grew up into a shy young woman.There was no spare money for art products or formal training so she learned by LOOKING and PRACTICING with what she had...she looked for shapes and colours in everything and her drawings reflected this.When she met and married time to create dwindled and then with the birth of her three children it totally disappeared.One day she wanted to make Christmas cards and even though she drew OK in the past she wanted to make alot of them quickly so bought some stamps and inks and made cards by hand.The busy young Mum enjoyed this and when ever she had time she made hand made cards.When her birthday came around her husband would buy her some new products to use....her creativity was rekindled.
One year she used the tax return to go to a stamping convention and did some classes with amazing tutors.One of those was with Cathy Daulman of My Stamps and she was totally amazed at the things she was taught and could now do.She cried that night because she felt she had been looking for a door and Cathy had opened that for her,to the lost place she had been looking for.Being creative and kind was what made her feel like a whole person.Stamping and Papercrafts were her medicine if you will.It has sustained her for 15 odd years.Now her kids are nearly all grown up she has found she has more time to herself to be creative but still money to be too self indulgent and buy products,is sparse.She remembered being that small child and loving drawing and bought a sketch book to try to draw again.The pages where so white and so it remained closed for two years.She believed she could no longer draw after not doing so for 20yrs and also that she could not paint or colour well.
In magazines and blogs of her friends some were now using drawn elements in their work...could she find the child who drew for pleasure from her past again and do that too?....maybe.Where would she learn to do this here as the only classes available were thru the Uni ,the Craft Council or privately and they were all expensive.Then one night while blog surfing to some of her favourite inspiring blogs she had an answer.
SSSooo she signed up for an on line art class with Jessica Wesolek from Cre8it and another door is opening for her...she has started to draw again,add colours and to see shapes and symbols and glorious colour schemes everywhere.At first she thought she would never show anyone her humble first childlike sketches but to day she looked at them as a learning exercise and she knew it may help someone some place to believe again that they can do something they thought they could not,if she shared what she has so far done.So no they are no major work of art but they are the beginning of yet another creative path for this woman.She feels happy in this simple pleasure...drawing


Carol said...

Kudos for stepping out and following your dream. Also, I think your drawings are great.
ps: you are a fabulous story teller.


Thanks Carol....I think in another life I may have gone to Uni and done a fine arts degree but that is not how life turned out for me.We are only up to lesson four in the drawing class hence my really simple attempts so far but I am sssooo enjoying doing the if life throws you some lemons make lemonade LOL

Paulo said...

so touching text...just love it!
Reading your post... have been supposing here I'd love to read some awesome children's books made by you...and illustrated with your gorgeous drawings and crafts.... Congratulations!
Best wishes,

PS:always waiting for results from your amazing talent.

Paulo said...

PS 2: just have mentioned children's books because as a neuropediatrician...they have always been my favorites books here...when I think I deserve to dream a bit....LOL

Barb said...

What a wonderful story Annette, it is just one of the fabulous gifts that you share with the rest of the world. Always have enjoyed and been inspired by your artwork. The drawings are great....enjoy the release these lessons are giving you to share even more of your wonderful creativness with everyone.
hugs Barb must be time you came and used my craft desk again...please

Fiona said...

What a great post today. I love your story and your drawing are really great too. I think when we see other people start on an adventure like this it gives us courage to start new things. Thank you


Zeborah Loray said...

Love your drawing Annette.
You have such abundant natural talent.
Isn't Jessica great with her classes? She is sooo supportive.
I'm really excited abuot seeing you get back into doing your own drawings again.
Keep me posted.

Maybe I can get you to illustrate some of my children's stories. :)

Tyanne said...

great post, I love how you expressed yourself here. I believe that expanding our creative talents is one of the finest things we can do for ourselves. I am glad you are rediscovering your drawing talent.

Jen Crossley said...

You work is always so amazing Annette as are you ,I admire you for having a go at something I couldnt even imagine trying.I look forward to seeing more soon

Judiwithaneye00 said...

That should have been an article in a magazine, Annette. You just wait and see where you go with your drawing. You didn't lose what you was just buried under layers of life and obligations. I am happy that you are now able to peel them back and see the light of the child who so loved to express her world on paper.........she lives!

Judi Foster

Willow said...

Annette...I agree, you should be an author of some kind (though I do love your voice as well)...I love your personal story and so appreciate your sharing it with us!!! As for the art, if you can make a spray bottle look that good...I can't wait to see what you do with a little are sooooo creative!!!! Thanks for sharing your journey with those of us still dreaming!!! Hugs, Willow

BurningRubber said...

I don't think those are childlike at all. They look wonderful to me and your coloring is awsome too.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Looking mighty fine my friend... your drawings are fabulous... and you have the gift of gab too...

Rosie said...

What a delightful post! You go girl!! My best blogging pal says you should draw every day... so you keep at it and Brownie points for show and tell! xxx

kelsey said...

Yes Annette, you CAN draw and you haven't lost it!!! Wonderfully brave of you to show us from the beginning what you can do and we'll watch as you grow with this artform. Hmmmm....let us know when you're going to practice "life drawing"!!!! hahahahaha

Scrappy Cat said...

I really love your drawings, and your story about them too. You are doing a great job! I've thought about taking Jessica's class several times and haven't done it yet, but after seeing your drawings, I may have to plan on it next time she offers it.


OMGoshie folks
thankyou all so much for your kind words and encouragement...I think that small child who loved to draw is in most of us but it took a basic drawing class for me to find mine.My drawings will not be good and at times may be just ok but I wanted to tell you all to go and try something you never thought possible....don't dream dreams chase after the buggers Ok
hugs to you all
PS inspirational friend...just thsnkyou are an amazing guy/Doctor and I take my hat off to you and your work/creativity
Barb....smiley happy nurse Barb...creative and kind like my Mum
Jen you know what I think about you,your son and your creativity blog helper friend and doll maker/ATC will get better for you that I KNOW transfer cmpanion and collage creator buddy...hugs right back at you
Viki,Willow Tyanne etc ...just thanks for letting me know you came and read my story and it ME was OK LOL
hugs to you all

Susie Jefferson said...

These aren't childish! They may be naive, but that in itself is a good thing. Your drawings are charming, full of character and you show a great sense of colour. Keep it up! Do MORE! Don't stop now!

All the best,

Louise Magetti said...

Hi Anette,
I am so glad this little girl had a life where things didn't come easily. The gift of a pad and pencils all those years ago has certainly made a difference in my world. Why??? Because as you know I have always thought of you as one of the most talented people I know, and you are such a gentle soul and I think your childhood has made you the wonderful generous person you are today.
Louise Magetti

Veronica said...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Annette. Your drawings are great and I agree, a book for children and a book on all the knowledge that you have with this craft for those of us who admire your work and want to know how to do it! Keep drawing and keep going, so the rest of us can follow on and keep admiring your work! Hope to see you work your magic at Stamp Camp. Cheers, Veronica


Thanks Susie,Louise and Veronica too...yes I do hope to keep drawing and yes I am me because of my past and I do not mind that.Veronica I have asked for time off to come to stamp camp but am not sure if I got it yet...I hope so and if I do make it I hope you go too...might get some painting tips from you :o)


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