Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Etched Metal House Second Window

This little house made of metal is fighting me all the way.My drill stopped working so I had been using a hand drill but it was causing me pain as I broke a small bone in my little finger two weeks embarrassing to say this but I broke it trying to open the fridge door with my pinkie as my hands were full.So I was going along ever so slowly making the house because of it...then the drill bit broke.Of course it had to happen at 6pm at night so I had to wait till the next day to get another.There I was off on another three hour trip into town and back again to get two new drill bits.Grant is letting me use his cordless drill now which is a great help.Adding one to my birthday wish list for November *grin*
Finally window two is done.I have used another old metal vintage button found on the Gold Fields near here,some more embossed pewter and a dictionary word "eyes"

Underneath is an old Optical lens with a gel medium transfer of a gorgeous vintage lady who has such lovely eyes.

this is the rear of the Optical lens

When you move the Optical lens out of the way there is an old scratched watch face and my two etched metal ladies.I gave one a wing.

So this window could be "eyes are the window to the soul" or "Eyes.A recorder of time to the soul".I loved the etched iron work behind the two ladies but the roof has an overhang and I really couldn't avoid covering it up.The back door side is almost done.May upload it late tonight or tomorrow.Oh and I found another vintage metal button in my stash and if you check the post below it is now added to window 1 on the first image.
Annette In Oz


Sarah said...

It is fascinating to watch this "building" process. And the old still my heart!!! Amazing! Wish I could just drop by your place and see this for myself!!

Jo Wholohan said...

very cool annette, you certainly are the queen of metal :)) xx

Lucy said...

OMG Annette, your creation is SUPERB!!!!
I am in awe of what you have created, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!
Had a good laugh at your 'pinkie' tale, that just reinforces the fact that women are really multi taskers!!!LOLOL
Hugs Lucy

Xanapan said...

Just amazing Annette! Such beautiful work. It's lovely to 'log on' and watch how your house is taking shape - thank you for sharing!


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