Sunday, September 27, 2009

Litchfield Park,The Grave In The Gold Fields,Melissa and Tim

Melissa sends me a txt "Mum I'm in town.I went to enquire about the cost of a tattoo.... and he is doing it now".I faint again LOL.Melissa has just turned 18 and had asked about getting tattoos in the past and we had discouraged her.Even so I was surprised yet respectful of her body art choices.I'm grateful she reads alot and knew what the tattoo means as well and "seize the day" she did LOL

We have just got air conditioners in all the bedrooms.Tim's pet coastal carpet python gets a bit cool overnight and likes to go outside for a bit of sun.The local birds hate him though and he can't stay too long as they squawk at him and swoop.Here is Tim(bed hair and all)and his snake...yes the snake lives in Tim's room.

Now he is warmed up and starting too move fast across the grass

Here are the photos from a day trip to Litchfield and the Gold Fields.This is Blythe Homestead and its located in Litchfield Park.We had tried to get in to see it a few years ago but the creeks were too deep on the other occasions.Notice how low the roof is.It was still being used right up to the 1960's.It was an out station for Stapleton Station and they also mined tin on the hills at the side of it.

Just up from Blythe Homestead is Sandy Creek Falls...I just wanted to dive on in but forgot my swimmers.Naked mid forty year old woman skinny dip swimming I think not LOL

Its tourist season here so we didn't go to Wangi Falls or the rock holes but decided on a bush walk to Tolmer Falls off the usual tourist walk.There is a natural arch at the top of the falls.Here is a shot looking forward to the arch

and from the other side looking back to the arch

Next day we went down to the gold fields were I found some old bone or shell buttons that I will use on my etched metal house,some Chinese gambling stones and some lovely rusted bits and pieces.Near the old race course there is a small cemetery.Most of the graves are unmarked except for this one.A bush fire had gone thru there last year and the grave looks so stark at the moment against what is left of the bush ,brown ground and the blue sky

closer look at the iron work

I'm cursing my locality again.I spent four hours today looking for small 12mm butt hinges.I've eventually found a few but they are not the right colour.Oh well I shall just have to see what I can do with them.I'll upload the first window side of the etched metal house tonight.Dinner is burning AGAIN *grin*
Annette In Oz


Sarah said...

I love the pictures of your mini excursion. It is like taking a trip without leaving my chair! Great photography!

Mari said...

The funniest part about this tattoo story?
When I was 18 I asked my mom what she thought about a tattoo. She said that as long as it wasn't obnoxious she wouldn't have a problem.
I said great. Robin's coming to pick me up.
Her jaw about hit the floor and she practically screeched NOW? You're going to get one NOW?

I'm sure I'll remember that day when my son asks me the same question!
Glad to see you posting Annette. Hope you & Grant are doing better. :)

Elizabeth Golden said...

Love the day outing. The photo of the Litchfield place remind me of the tobacco barn we have here in North Carolina. love the graveyard shots also. Next time go for the swimming who cares, all bodies are beautiful plus most of you would be underwater.


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