Sunday, September 27, 2009

Etched Metal House1st Window side

After my four hour search for 12mm butt hinges all over Darwin I finally have some.Anywho here is the first window for side 1 done.Keeping the outside simple here and it just has some embossed pewter,a vintage metal button and an old dictionary word added.Gosh I love those little nail brads I got from Scraptivate in Perth.

As you lift the window I have another faux tin type in a metal frame.I've embossed the brass mesh in the Cuttlebug that is behind the image.At top left there is a vintage hand painted ceramic oval and at the bottom right is a handmade tiny bone or shell button that I found in the old Gold Fields up here in the Northern Territory of Oz.

Lastly the view of what is under the window.Again I left it fairly untouched so the texture of the metal etching can still shine thru and only added another few dictionary words.

I think I'll do the other window tomorrow as the rear door is...well the rear area to exit so to speak.It will close the page of my story in creating it and why it was started at all.I still want to give it away(once I can work out how to assemble it LOL)when its done.I look at the old stamped and now etched metal faces from the past on my house in awe.In a way they are being immortalized and I would like my story and theirs to go to someone who would treasure it.


Annette In Oz


Sarah said...

You are putting so much time and love into this house that I do not see how you can even consider giving it away. It should be your prize possession.

Elizabeth Golden said...

This is just incredible. I love how you describe your process. Your etching is lovely. I love how you have incorporated everything into this house. I believe houses have stories. Yours definitely does.


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