Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Etched Metal ATC's ALL Traded/Canvas ladies so far

OMG you folks are fast...all ATC's are traded.I'LL try to get them in the post tomorrow and I look forward to what the posty brings :o).Below are the gals I'm painting on canvas with their undercoat skin on.....alias my aliens *grin*.My ladies are from memory and not meant to be realistic looking.This is "seeking" and I want to add an etched metal heart to her body for seeking...love.

and closer

I haven't named the next one...she looks so sad at the moment....any ideas?

and closer

The skin colour will change with the top painting so she wont look as red in the end.Next is the eyes and lips....maybe a blue eyed blond for seeking and red haired amber eyed for ????
Annette In Oz


Jo Wholohan said...

these are looking great annette, are you taking a class?? xx

Queen Of Toys said...

Looking good Annette my favourite colours brown and green.

How about something like Millicent for a name or Mildred, a real old fashioned name.

I will check back to see your progress.

Stacey said...

Those are both really beautiful but I really like the top one the best! Great job, can't wait to see them on metal!

Xanapan said...

for???....Spirit or Nymph


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