Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Etched Metal ATC's To Trade

I have three etched metal ATC's available for trade.There is a copper Oriental Dreaming one.It has bamboo in the bg and cranes dancing.

The next etched metal ATC is a nickle silver one called "Floral Fantasy".

and the last one is a vintage looking brass etched metal ATC like the one I gave Linda

There was another etched brass ATC called "measure of a man" but its already taken and on it's way to someone.Here is what it looks like.

Mary's etched metal house is on its way.I etched a base of flowers and wrote her name in it for the house to sit on.Hope it travels well and gets to you safely Mary.For the rest of the day I'll be painting the under coat skin tones onto my two ladies that I have drawn and copied onto canvas.They always looks like aliens at that stage till I do their eyes and lips.




Lucy said...

Oh Annette,
These trade pieces are absolutely wonderful, only wished I had something worthy enough to trade with you.
Hugs Lucy

kiwicarole said...

Hi Annette!
Gosh if it's still available I would love to trade you for the vintage brass looking etched atc! They all look incredible!
I will email you with my address.
Carole :}

drmarty62 said...

So Annette, what would you like in return? I would love to trade with you but Like Lucy, doubt I have something worthy. I love the oriental dreaming one

Sarah said...

Oh no...I missed out on this! I would have loved to get my hands on one of your etched ATCs. I have a good excuse...just got back Sunday from the Tim Holtz cruise and am still catching up!

Esther said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! i'm in love!! so so so awesome!! what an amazing work!!! i use to etch for jewelry.. but your atc are just parfects!!! congrats!!

Joanne said...

Stunning Annette, I would never have thought to etch an ATC!

Xanapan said...

Lovely ATC's Annette. Would love to hear what Mary thinks of 'the house' when she has received it!!

Jen Crossley said...

wow love the ATC etched ones really gorgeous

Adrienne Goodenough said...

Absolutely love the etched ATCs. I am moving my stuff from the dining room to a dedicated art room, but when I'm finished clearing, moving, sorting and labelling, this will be high on my 'to do' list.


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