Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Revamp and THE Snails :o)

We finally had a good rain storm this afternoon.It was so nice to smell the wet Earth smell of the Wet season rains....the cool breeze...and the drop in the oppressive heat.The rains mean the grass and trees will once again look green and new life starts over again here in the NT.One thing that happens is the land snails return to feed on the grass.Two years ago the kids painted the back of some of the snails with markings to see if they would come back.Last year they did.Tonight Tim checked and there again were three painted snails feeding on the grass.We could not believe our eyes when we saw them.Grant tells me they bury themselves in the dirt in the Dry but even he was unsure how long they lived for.

I'm just glad the metallic paint didn't kill them...wonder who will come back next year. I have also done a blog upgrade today using images from here .Hope it looks OK
Annette In Oz


Household 6 said...

Whoa, that is too cool! My kids have had colorful hermit crabs (the shells) from the stores over the years, but they never lived long enough to set them free. Sadly. I'm amazed that this same one is still around your home! TOO cool!

Glenda said...

Blog looks great Annette. Love the purple snail. Glad it comes back to visit the kids


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