Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We are all list is endless.I'm no different.I seek to be a good loving wife and mum and I seek to live a creative life ...sometimes I just seek completion of a project like my two canvas painted ladies.One is now done and I actually like how she turned out.I wonder what my blonde lady is seeking?.Since you saw her last she has had some "blush" ,eyelashes and lipstick painted on,

a metal vine headband added,

her shimmery wing created and now she is wearing her music dress.

What do you seek?
Annette In Oz


Stacey said...

I think she looks dreamy! Great ART!

Rockin Robin Caldwell said...

Way to go Annette!!! This is awesome! Such a dreamy look on her face. You are really taking off on this painting thing (and the metal jewelry pieces lately). You go GF!!! Hisses, Rockin Robin Caldwell

Mari said...

She looks so sad to me. Perhaps she is Rapunzel - before the hair/prince incident! :)
Beautiful, none the less!

Queen Of Toys said...


this one is awesome love everything about it the colours and composition excellent. All my colours too......and my favourtie metal leaves as embellishments.

Hugs Elizabeth


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