Monday, November 30, 2009

A Gorgeous Mail Surprise Came Today

Two weeks ago I was chatting to the lovely twins from Sissysparrows (they make yummy Vintage jewellery pieces) about transfer techs and I sent them some sheer heaven paper to play with.In return they have sent me a surprise gift.Its a Vintage style keyring though I think I shall make it into a necklace to wear.I was so surprised but delighted that Julie and Donna had sent me this gift at all as I did not expect them too.Here is the front side.

and the back.I love the wire wrapped beads at the bottom too.

Thank you Julie and Donna :o)
Annette In Oz


Sissy Sparrows said...

OUR pleasure....can't wait to see what you do with it as a necklace!

Lady Di said...

This is gorgeous and how special you must feel to receive such a wonderful surprise in the mail.

Queen Of Toys said...

This is an awesome gift you must feel really special to receive such a wonderful surprize. Lucky you.


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