Saturday, November 14, 2009

Handmade Cards Received For My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me and anyone else who shares the same date.Shame I have to go to work this evening though.I've received some lovely hand made cards for my birthday.This one is from Lousie Maghetti and the heart is padded.Love the sewn elements on it

Next at top is sweet sea themed card from Sue Gregory.I have an old photo of my Mum and Dad that looks pretty similar to the stamp Sue has used here.At the bottom is a
yummy textured card from Barb Porritt.That little boy and clock image is gorgeous.
and the last one at top is by Rikki Showell andwho loves folding elements.This type of fold is a Triore fold

The bottom one is by Mary Fenton and came a few weeks ago but I forgot to scan it.Thanks everyone :o)


Esther said...

Happy birthday Annette!

Narrative jewelry said...

Happy birthday to you Annette, from France.
Beautiful gifts you received.
Love the little pins you share with us in the precedent post.
Enjoy this day.


kiwicarole said...

Happy birthday! Hope I got it in time! And I hope you'll tell us how you celebrated, (kicked your heels up!) Best wishes,
Carole :)

Queen Of Toys said...

Happy Birthday Annette, sorry I missed your special day, hope it was good and filled with all you wished for and more.

Joanne said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!

Jen Crossley said...

Happy Belated Birthday Annette hope you enjoyed your day


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