Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Happened when I Tried to Clear My Desk!

Its a work day for me but I thought I may have time to paint the hair on one of my ladies till I realized there was no room left on my messy messy desk.Okies I think to myself...get in and tidy up.In amongst all my stuff I found one of Jen Crossley gorgeous handmade vintage pins.I really love this one and it reminded me of some of the rusty old things I have found in the old gold fields up here.Wish I could get some of those faux tin types!!!You can see why I say I am very influenced by Jen.

Next I found some old rusted wire and an old rusted ring shape on my desk.Oh oh....I then got rather side tracked from the cleaning up and had a go at making an old pin like Jens.Its not as neat as hers but after I paint my ladies I want to further embellish the gorgeous Swallow book Jen taught us.I hope to do a vintage butterfly image polymer clay transfer in the pin to add to my book.

Got that out of my system and then found an old key and old handmade cork screw that I had found down in the gold fields.I've scanned my pin with them...I think they all blend right in LOL.

I've also rediscovered lots of handmade nails and other bits and pieces but my desk is still messy.There is just enough room to paint though :o)


Esther said...

hummmmmmmmmmm!! your pin's are ejust beautifuls and rustics, but this little etchanted house!!! i(ts just amaaaaaaaaaaazing!! lot of details!! and the picture!! so clever and nice!!

Sissy Sparrows said...

Hi Annette...these found objects are BEAUTIFUL!!!, so nice that you rediscovered them hiding away in time.....and thank you for putting Jen's pin up for us all to see.....I could go really really crazy on all of this stuff!

Queen Of Toys said...

Your desk sounds fantastic, full of every bit you might ever need. I do understand your problem coz it is the same as mine.

Love the pins and what you have created, total eye candy.

Carol said...

Fabulous fun, your desk is a gold mine for creativity!


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