Saturday, November 7, 2009

Recent Mail and Meet Some Locals

I've had one of those fast paced "where did the days go" weeks.Finally a day off today and I've been sorting the lovely things that came thru the mail recently for me from others.Linda Aldred (who has a bad back but still makes wonderful creations)made and sent me this lovely blue and white card for my birthday next week.

The very naught Lucy sent me all these amazing vintage items for one of my etched metal ATC's...I was dumb founded when they came as I would have been happy for one pen nib and told her so.I offered to send it back but she wouldn't let me.There was also a yummy piece of metal vine and a small glass bottle in with it all too but I forgot to add them in my photo.I love that some of the pen nibs have letters on them and that rusted ?door handle or knocker base just begs to be included in an assemblage.Its near on impossible to get things like what Lucy sent me here so I am truly thankful to her for all the things she sent.

Carole in New Zealand sent me this gorgeous sewn vintage doily ATC as a trade.On the back is some green hand made silk paper and it is a divine colour /texture.

On my last days off we had to do alot of things around the house and my plans to get arty never eventuated.We also did a drive out to Oenpelli art centre with a friend who is moving to Melbourne and wanted to buy some Aboriginal art.We have gone there maybe 5 times in total.It's an Aboriginal community a few hours drive away.You can only get in and out when the tide is low and the Cahill crossing is then exposed.The tides up here are 6-8metres high and the river is salt water crocodile infested so that is why you can't cross till the tide goes down.
As the tide lowers the fish get caught near the crossing wall and the crocs have learnt this and as we got to the crossing there were three visible large crocs doing a bit of fishing LOL.I'd hate to imagine how many were below the water that you can't see.We were a fair way back from this one but as we crossed the crossing he was still there and was about the length of the four wheel drive we were in.Glad the car didn't stall!!!

On the way back home we went into Bird Billabong.It's an oasis for bird life and other animals.This year the Wet season rains are late(ignore the weather guy you folks down south...we are not getting storms every night)and the billabong was nearly dried up.Not much greenery even for this water buffalo I'm afraid.

The Magpie Geese were in the almost dried up centre water area.Hope it rains soon for them and the billabong fills back up.I think I have photos of the Bird Billabong when it is full of water and the contrast is amazing.

Now to this weeks "who left evidnece in my camera" segment...its Carlia and OMG she is on her own LOL.Well almost as she is cuddling one of our fur babies-our mad as Jack Russel Minty.I had no idea she had taken a photo of herself with my camera.I used to hate that the kids take my camera when I didn't know but now I love seeing who has been using it and what they did *grin*.

Hey I just realized Carlia is wearing one of my etched, copper nest necklaces:o).
Annette In Oz


Carolyn said...

Hi from another Aussie. I just wanted to say, I love visiting your blog. One day I hope to try etching but in the meantime I love looking at your incredible works of art and all the photos of your amazing part of our beautiful country.

Margaret said...

Hi Annette, I came over via Linda's Blog, your etched ATC's are suberb! not to mention all your other stuff. As for the croc, well, what can I say, it's a big 'un'! M

Jen Crossley said...

What wonderful goodies in the mail Annette A birthday coming up you say Happy Birthday.
Oh my your daughter is so like you Annette so cute.
I cant believe the size of that croc !


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