Tuesday, November 24, 2009

EGGciting Ring & Who Is In The Camera This Week

Ok Ok I can't help it.....I'm addicted to making stuff with metal and in particular etching metal and using nests and eggs LOL.I had my new nest ear-rings on all day and my etched metal nest necklace.Because the ear-rings are made with sterling silver wire they have not hurt like the cheap metals do to me and they are really light as well.I've finally started to paint the hair and brows on my ladies.While the layers were drying I made another sterling silver nest ring to go with the ear-rings.I'm loving this one and have had it on since lunchtime LOL.

Now who was in my camera today?.Its Minty...Well I think she had some help getting dressed to be in there but I laughed when I saw these images.Who would have thought Jack Russel's could look so cool. :o)

I've got the red haired ladies hair and brows done and will do the blond ladies hair and brows tomorrow if I have time before work and then I'll upload both.
Annette In Oz


Esther said...

beautifuls little nests!!

Gaye Todd said...

Loving your nest jewellery and how cute is Minty... so clever to dress up and take a pic!! :O) LOL

Myléne Hillam said...

Love the nests Annette - just gorgeous!


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