Saturday, November 21, 2009

Melissa Does It Again-More Nests

Melissa graduated from High School this week.Friday was her wasn't cool for parents to go but giving gifts to teachers is.Once again she gives me a dead line after she wakes up Friday at 10.30am(the decadent life of a teenager LOL)...."Mum can you make some nest jewellery for two of my fav teachers for tonight?....oh and I'll need them in 2hours" and wanders off to her room to watch a DVD.I swear I have sucker etched in my forehead!
So I pulled out Stephanie Lee's semi-precious salvage book and try to channel Jen Crossley LOL.I haven't used a butane torch before and the nest ear-rings called for you to bead the end of the silver wire with the torch,hammer it flat and then drill thru it to make a hook for the ear-rings....I tried but I damaged the flattened bead when I drilled...that wasted half an hour so I modified the book project and used bought ear-ring hooks and made the nest holders triangular shaped instead to attach the nests too.

Then I had a go at the silver ring.I did take a photo from the side but it was too blurry so sorry you can't see much detail here as it is from the top.The silver band part was two strands of 20gauge silver.I don't have a ring mandrel so I used a large paint brush to get the ring shape.

I would have taken a few better photos but I had literally just tucked in the last bit of copper nest wire as Melissa was reaching down to take them and my camera.I only had about half a minute to take photos while she raced up the hall for something.On a good note Missy tells me the teachers loved their gifts...oh and I got brave today, pulled out the butane and even remembered how to light it after all these months LOL.I successfully followed the ear-ring project step for step and did manage to get a larger bead on the silver with the butane,flatten the bead and drill it to make my own ear-ring hooks.I'm just doing the nest and eggs for the second one this evening and will upload them later.I'll keep these for me as the silver wire has a slight bend on one hook.
Annette In Oz


Queen Of Toys said...


You continue to amaze me with your abilities to create amazing stuff. I love what you have here, they are awesome.

Esther said...

congrats to Melissa.. well for the graduation, not for the "panic" she gives to her mum!!! LOL
these nests are paerfects Annette!!!PERFECTS!!! if i learn to mellissa to wake up at 7AM... will you make some for me?? héhéhéhé!! for sure i will not be her favorite teacher!!

Xanapan said...

Beautiful creativity Annette - but you gotta love teenagers!! I'm growling at Miss 16 who is 'studying' before exams and helped herself to the boxed chocolates I had bought and set aside for Christmas - despite being told not to *grrr*

Yvette said...

Love it, the ear rings and the daughter, mine too has just headed off on schoolies, after an allnighter for the formal and exams.
It is hard work trying not to worry and letting them be free.


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