Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Glitzy Today

We have had some lovely cooling rain nearly all day today. Lots of lightening and thunder to scare my poor Jack Russel silly with too. I have to work tomorrow so today after I went into town I was going to make some more bezels but got side tracked in my glass beads box. In there I had some gorgeous hand made glass beads made by the amazingly talented Gail Hart in Tasmania. Gail's beads are sold in Galleries down south so you can just imagine the quality. I'd had them for some time but just didn't think I was good enough at making jewellery to do them justice. I also had no sterling silver till recently as well. So here is the end product...a far cry from my beloved junk jewellery I think *grin*. Hope I did your beads justice Gail?.

The black and white beads on the bracelet and the red one on the necklace are the ones made by Gail. I've used crystal roundels and sterling silver wire on the necklace and the bracelet. Here is the bracelet closer being modelled by my lovely metal bird friend.

and closer

The necklace on its own....the red is beautiful IRL just not as dazzling in the photos due to the lighting here which is crap.

And just a bit closer.

I'm not a posh person and don't go to high end places much but next time we decide to have a night at the Casino I know what I will be wearing. Oh before I forget I had my tiny dancer and Mz 6 older sister cuff on today and the lady at the Jackson's Art shop wanted to buy cool is that?... but I'm NOT good enough yet to sell stuff. When I am I told her I'll come back and she can have first pick. Back to junking it tomorrow.
Annette In Oz


Lucy said...

Beautiful Annette!
Don't sell yourself short, your jewelry is definitely good enough to sell!!
Hugs Lucy

Chris said...

Annette, Annette, Annette you are selling yourself short. Your talent is so overwhelming that you don't appreciate your value near enough. Get out there girl and sell it (not cheaply either)

Gail Hart said...

you make so many beautiful things
you are such an inspiration, I make beads but i not so good at making jewelry. I am slowly learning/finding better ways to make them into jewelry.
i love what you made!!!
hugs Gail


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