Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Necklaces

It was a lovely cool 25 degrees here today.A rarity I can tell you but perfect for getting creative.I've got two necklaces done today.The first one is a rectangular bezel with an old tin type in it, some little buttons nestling on fibres and a dictionary piece with the word tedious above the tin type.They are all encased in ice resin...I ssooo love that stuff.I made some links and added some of my iridescent beads that I had forgot I even had.

and closer to the ice resin filled bezel.

The next one is quirky and fun.I made a heart shaped bezel and soldered it to a brass bass.I was going to put a vintage image of a couple kissing in here but my daughters(whom like wacky images) wanted me to use this spooky eyed lady.Again ice resin used over the image.It hasn't got any white flecks on it in real life so I think the ones in the image below are from the scan bed.Sorry about that.

Keeping with the wackiness of the front I couldn't resist doing this for the back LOL

I think I shall try to photograph the next necklaces as the colours seem washed out in these images from the scan bed.I'm glad I tried a different shape for my bezel making and think there will be more heart shaped ones to come....maybe minus spooky images LOL.
Annette In Oz


Rockin Robin Caldwell said...

Just lovely Annette!!! Glad you are finding time to be creative. I really love the wings on that 1st piece. The 2nd one is "quirky"...and I agree, the eyes are freaky!! But it is a fantastic piece too!!! U rock GF!! Hugs, Rockin Robin (who is off work with a back injury..not work related..it's of the "old lady playing soccer variety)

Samantha Marshall said...

Beautiful Annette!!! Love the weird lady. xx


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