Friday, November 26, 2010

Etched Copper Cuff

I etched a design into copper and left it awhile.It has a rich red tone to it.I decided to keep this cuff simple so just used a gently bent Vintaj frame as a bezel and added a lovely blue butterfly image and then filled it with Ice Resin

View from the sides.

I'm so excited to say I've just sold 2 of my necklaces.I've never sold anything before and when I was approached by an admirer of my humble jewellery attempts on line I wasn't sure what to do....but decided to sell them in the end.I am chuffed someone likes my work well enough to ask to buy it and excited to think of others wearing my was made for wearing after all!!.So tomorrow "pardon" and "time keeper" are off to new homes and I have a little money more for supplies...AWESOME!!!!
I need some feed back here......uuuummmm who am I as a jewellery maker and I'm thinking "rustic CHIC" or "connected in time" as Annette In Oz is the whole me but who am I for making a tag or something for my jewellery.Any help greatly accepted.
Annette In Oz


Chris said...

"totally Ozsome charm"
Cuz that's what you are too.

suziqu's thread works said...

These etched copper cuffs are gorgeous and congratulations on your sales - Hey what a boost!
You deserve it! Connected in Time
sounds awesome to me - rather more sophisticated as this rings more true with your gorgeous work!

Lucy said...

Great cuffs Annette!
Dare I say, "I told you so"!!! Of course your jewellery is good enough to sell!
Hugs Lucy

Esther said...

congratsssss for your buisness!! this cuff is incredible!! as always!!

Jen Crossley said...

This cuff is just stunning Annette,Im so proud of you.

Queen Of Toys said...

You rock girl, congratulations and your work is so brilliant you should have people bashing down your doors to purchase more.

Connections by Annette in Oz sounds good to me.

Marcia Antle said...

Congratulations on your sale! That cuff is GORGEOUS! I like "rustic chic" as a name, that describes the bracelet perfectly.


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