Friday, March 18, 2011

The devotion of dogs!!

Floods, loss of life and cyclones here, earthquake, destruction and more loss of life in Christchurch New Zealand...our friends across the "ditch" and now the still unfolding tragedy after the awful earthquake and huge tsunami that has affected many lives lost and whole towns no longer standing. My heart goes out to all those affected. So much sadness has befallen our neighbours since the start of the year!
I'm still sorting my stash but I stop and watch the news every time I come out of the spare room or after work. Last night I saw this video via Jen's son Matthew fb page and it just made me so sad for all the animals affected as well.

The vidoe isn't showing the full screen in blogger so here is the youtube link as well.
Take care all my friends across the globe and lets hope the reactors in Japan can be cooled and fixed!!
Annette In Oz


Queen Of Toys said...

Oh Annette this is just horrible to see how these animals are having to survive. It is bad enough what has happened to human life and yes the animals have to suffer too, my heart goes out to them.

Chris A. said...

Hello Dear Annette. I can't look at the video. It's too heartbreaking. With all the tragedy that has happened since the new year alone.
On a happy note I hope your new "art studio" is settled and you have time to play. I need to haul everything out of my room and start over. YUK!
Big xo

Chris A. said...

Dear Annette, just popping in to say hi and hope all is well. Hope you are enjoying your new "studio"


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