Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Move Begins!!!

Well my big stash move has begun. I think I'll just drag it all into the spare room and then declutter (if I can LOL) as I find new spots for my stash to live in. I'm hopping to have a metal work section and a paperarts, paint and fabric areas. Well that is the plan. May have a few things to give away too yet :o).

I started this card for my very ill and much loved neice Lisa a few days ago. Lisa has three kids and is in her late 30's. She was diagnosed with acute myloid leukaemia a few weeks ago and will be in hospital for 6 months. At this stage they think it was too advanced when she was diagnosed and they can't cure her. So terribly sad. Her kids are 15, 13 and 6. As she is in another state and I can't visit her I thought I would make her a card. I was relocating my Stamping and Papercrafts mags on Mon and I sat on the floor for 2 hrs flicking thru some and came across a pull tab card I used to love to make. I used that for her card. It sits flat but opens to reveal the images in a shadow box effect. Shame I got glue on the right tab but I may cover that yet.
I used twinkling H2O's to paint the butterfly frame. I gave the butterflies a 3D effect by adding another stamped butterfly to the base frame ones and some wire antennae.

The tabs at the side slide to move the front stamped section up and away to either side and reveal the image underneath. The image is a gorgeous Gothic fairy stamped and then painted with water colour pastels.

Here is the image a bit closer.

Another find when moving stuff was a beaded crazy bracelet I made many years ago in a sea theme. I really loved making them and must try to make another once I'm settled in my new art space.

Off to move some more.
Annette In Oz


Mari said...

Gorgeous coloring on that card Annette. A little spot of bright & happy in her dark days.
And the bracelet is *beautiful*!
Hope your moving is going well!

Queen Of Toys said...

Beautiful Card Annette so well created and the colouring lovley and bright for her. Love the bracelet too.

Have fun mooving LOL

Hugs Eliza

Night Owl Designs said...

How exciting! Hope you'll post some photos of your new studio :-) And.... what a beautiful card Annette; such a lot of work!


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