Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wet Season Photos

Its official we have and are having the wettest Wet Season on record. So far over 2000mls of rain  have fallen. Up here in the Nrth of Oz we have only 2 seasons....the Wet and the Dry. The Wet is our rainy season and with it there is a flourish of plants and animals everywhere. Here are some photos we have taken over the current Wet.
A rare sighting of a black wallaroo at Kakadu before the flooding cut the highway and became impassable to cars.

Berry Creek. Grant couldn't get to work for 2 days. The Wildlife Park he works at is on the other side of the creek.

Giraween Rd. My road to work. Fortunately ....hhhmm or not LOL I could get to work by driving the long way round on another road.

Croc trap in the creek on Giraween Rd. Locals usually swim in here in the Wet...not this year I hope, though we see stupid fishermen thigh deep in water next to the trap everyday!!!

Florence Falls

Tolmer Falls
Wangi Falls

Green ants piled up on a leaf trying to escape the water in my driveway.

Leichaardts grasshopper at Kakadu. We only see these for a few weeks of the year.

Litoria Microbelis frog in full song. Man the frogs have been loud this year.

and lastly a tawny frog mouth on the fence that joins our block to next doors.

Shame I couldn't suck up some of that water and send it where it could do some good. Will be a bumper fishing season to come. Our bedroom is painted and tomorrow we will go back there and then I'll have to spare room at last wahoo.
Annette In Oz


Chris @ My Arty Attempts said...

Great pictures Annette! I was facinated with the grasshopper. I have only ever seen greenish brown ones. The little bird is adorable. I guess nature has a way of working things out but, I hate to see the toll weather can take on wildlife and people.
Hope you sleep well in your newly painted bedroom. xxoo

Lucy said...

Great photos Annette, especially the grass hopper & the gorgeous owl!
Hugs Lucy

lindacreates said...

These are great pictures Annette. I love the bird in the last photo. That is priceless! Stay dry.

Fibrenell said...

Love your blog Annette - what great photos you take.
You could send some of that wet down to my garden in Sydney!

Samantha Marshall said...

Beautiful Annette!!!!!

Jen Crossley said...

Beautiful Photos Love the tawny frog mouth one of my favorite birds


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