Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Heart Easel Card How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

Ok whom ever is stealing my time can you give it back LOL. Really though the weeks are flying past and my day to share an old tip or technique arrives before I even think I have blinked an eye! This Tuesday my hand rested on a simple old favourite-an easel card. You can make these in any shape such as a basic rectangle, oval or whatever but the one I will make is a heart easel card. I chose a heart as I wanted to make Mother's days cards. I do apologize in advance regarding some finger prints you will see on the white card stock...I didn't know they were there till afterwards :o)

                      HEART EASEL CARD HOW TOO
1) If you have a large heart template use that. Mine was 13cm (approx 5 inches) across at widest part of the heart and 12cm (approx 4 and 3/4 inches) from dip at top to point at the bottom of the heart. An easy way to make a heart template is to fold card stock in half. Make a light dot at 6.5cm in from the fold and draw a half heart that goes over the marked dot and tapers down like below.

Cut it out

Now you have a heart template to use.

2) Use template and mark and then cut out a single heart

Then fold and score A4 card stock in half. Place fold at top and put heart template on so the top parts over hang a little. This bit makes a hinge to open and close the card.

Cut it out.

Now you have two pieces. One a double folded heart and a single heart.

3) Turn folded heart into the portrait position and so the fold in the middle is a valley fold. Fold up and score the heart at the bottom at the half way point

4) Turn it over so fold in middle is a mountain fold now. Place glue ONLY on the lower part beneath the fold line. This is the part that acts like an easel.

5) Adhere the single heart here and align it so it fits exactly in place on the glued section. It's top part will be free.

Fold it closed and it looks like this

Open it and the folded part bends down making the heart on top stand up likes it's on an easel!. 

Here is my completed one for my Mum with it all folded close. I used the blank card from above so I was able to cover all my finger print marks LOL.

and now open. I have stitched on a heart button to act as a stopper so the card stays open.

The next images are another heart easel card made for my hubby's Mum

An easy card that has a little wow factor to it. Enjoy!
Annette In Oz


Barb said...

Wonderful cards Annette,
lots of WOW factor and both mums will love them for sure. Barb

Redanne said...

They are both such beautiful cards, thank you for the 'how to' as well! Hugs, Anne x

Glenda said...

Wonderful cards. Thanks for sharing

Winnie said...

Such lovely cards for both mom's! I love the vintage look of both of them and the first one's background looks so much like tapestry!


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