Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Double Pop Up Heart Card / Tipnique Tuesday

Today I went right to the back of my tips and techniques book and found a much loved sample.of a double pop up heart card. I've remade this card  many many times for Weddings, Engagements, Mothers day and Valentine's day. It was made by Ellen Eadie originally.


  • One piece A4 card and a piece of A5 card (half the A4 card size) plus some scrap card. My scrap in the image is red but I changed to white after taking the photo so it would contrast better for the photos.
  • Ruler, pencil. rubber, bone scorer, scissors, cutting knife and craft mat
  • Ink of choice. I am using Stazon black.
  • Heart stamp-mine is 9.3cm wide and 8cm long from dip at heart top to point. Smaller hearts work as well. You could use a heart template or make a template by folding scrap card in half and free hand draw half a heart along the fold line and then cut it out. Use that as your template.
                               HOW TOO
1) Stamp hearts onto A5 sized card and carefully cut them out with scissors.

(TIP: when you cut out images go around edges with a black or dark grey marker. This makes the images more defined as well as replaces and edge you accidentally trimmed off!!)

2) Cut down the A4 card to measure 25cm by 16cm. If you have used smaller hearts adjust the width as needed once card is completed. Have card in landscape position, fold and score it in half. Open it up and mark a light pencil line 7cm to the right from the centre. I have used black ink so you can see it better. Put this aside.

3) Turn both hearts over. Make a pencil line thru the centre of each heart and then lines on either side of the centres at 2.5cm

 4) From your scrap card make two 6cm by 2cm rectangles. Measure, mark and score both at 2cm and 4cm points. Fold them to make "Ü" shapes.

5) On one heart apply glue to one support tab and attach it in place on the line at LEFT of the centre as shown so tab fold rests on line. 

6) Measure UP on line and make a mark on the right line at 3cms and cut from bottom up to that point with scissors. If your heart are smaller try a 1cm line or 2cm line cut.

7) On second heart apply glue to one support tab and attach it in place on the line at RIGHT of the centre  as shown so tab fold rests on line..  Measure DOWN and make a mark on the left line at 3cms and cut from TOP down to that point with scissors. If you are using a smaller heart try 1cm or 2cm cut.

8) On first heart fold the support to the right and apply glue to the far right tab only.

Attach in place on the base card at the 7cm line you marked so tab fold line rests on the 7cm line as per picture below. Make sure heart is low enough along the line to not pop out at top. Erase all pencil marks. As I used ink mine are still showing sorry.

9) Turn the heart back to image side up. Interlock both hearts where the splits are. Gently fold back the second heart onto the first one and have both moved to the right on your base card as shown below.

10) Press the support toward the left and apply glue to far left tab only. Leave the card this way and gentle close the card.

Open the card and you now have a double pop up heart card. Embellish before or after as desired and trim to a smaller proportion to suit whatever heart size you chose.

This card is simple just follow each step carefully. After you open it you may have to help the hearts collapse again as you shut it for the first few times and then it will be fine.
Annette In Oz

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Glenda said...

Nice card Annette, Thanks for sharing techniques.


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