Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pop Up Card or Place Setting Card Holder how too / Tipnique Tuesday

Into my large book of tips and techniques I went this morning and found a project I had actually never done myself!. Awhile ago I went thru my VERY large collection of magazines and pulled out projects that appealed to me, thru the magazine away (even if I was in it!) and this was one of those projects. It was from Stamping and Papercrafts but the page I have doesn't have by who. The project in the magazine was for making a place card holder but it could easily be used as a type of pop up card. As I have said before when I do tips and techniques I'll try to keep my samples simple so anyone starting on their stamping journey can feel they can achieve the project. Here is my sample:

  •  piece of card stock that measures 29cmx12cm. Start with A4 card stock and use the remaining piece to stamp or images to the center piece.
  • Ruler, pencil, rubber sharp craft knife, bone scorer and craft mat.
  • Double sided tape or roller glue.
  • Stamps and embellishments of your choice.
               HOW TOO
1) Measure and mark a dot on each long side of the 29cmx12cm card stock. Start at edge and measure in 1.5cm, then from that dot measure and mark a dot at 4.0cm. Continue along from each dot marking dots at 2.5cm, 4cm, 25cm, 2.5cm, 4.0cm, 2.5cm, 4.0cm and lastly at 1.5cm.

2) Score along all marked dots. Rub out dots.

3) Bend center scored line so it is a valley fold. Bend all other scored lines to make mountain folds. If you want to colour the card stock, stamp or apply rub ons do so now.

4) Apply glue or tape only to each 1.5cm end.

5) Fold each side over to ward back and press the glued area in place. Leave front center part unglued.

 6) Decorate you cut off card stock from the A4 card as desired and cut it down to fit in the slot you created above. Now apply glue to both sides of the slot.

7) Press decorated piece onto one side of glued area and then press other side against that

here is the completed card from the side.

These can be folded flat to fit an envelope after you have completed them.  If ANYONE wants this or any other tips and techniques I have shared on my blog, in a word document please just e-mail me (address at right) and I'll send that too you. :o). You can adjust the 12cm width to smaller or larger proportions to suit your needs.
Annette In Oz


Barb said...

Great tutorial Annette. Just love the look of your new blog...easy to find things and easy on the eye.


Thanks Barb
I'm in love with the change myself LOL and the steampunk look is so up my alley xxxx

Eliza said...


Great tutorial, thanks for sharing and yes the blog is looking brilliant. Glad to hear the hands are mending for you.

Hugs Eliza

Glenda said...

Thanks for tutorial Annette. I used to have that stamp, must have left it in shoppe workshop when I sold it.
Do so love the new look.


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