Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Abstract Painting

I'm  slowly learning about the principals of design, colour theory and how Acrylic paints work. In the last two weeks in class we did the process to creating an abstract painting. We used a previously created abstract of our own. I decided to use this page from my art lessons book. It was made using a palette knife to quickly put paint on the page and then I folded the page in half to create this glorious mess.

I then used a small  6cm square "view finder" to find a section I found pleasing.

Then I had to paint that section onto a 30cm square canvas...it didn't have to be an exact copy more of a hint of it. Once that was done we tried to make some sense of what we had painted and turn it into an abstract vision of something using thin washes of colour. I thought mine looked like rocks and waves so I dry brushed white on the black areas to knock the colour back. The rock in the middle I decided was in the distance on the horizon line so it had a white wash put on it to make it look further away. Lastly washes of Pthalo blue, Cadmium yellow and Magenta were randomly added to knock back the white areas.

The image above was taken with the camera flash off and one below flash on

I can't say I get abstract but I really enjoyed the process and I actually don't mind the end result which is pretty amazing for me LOL.

Oh goodness. I was just looking at the original abstract in my book and now I see a Man In My Moosh with a map of Australia around his legs

and also a stylized praying mantis viewed from under a glass table?....hhhmmm I think I need medication LOL

Annette In Oz


ike said...

FABulous - it looks a bit like a Monet. :-) LUV it.
I remember having to do this once at a class many years ago..... it drove me nuts cuz I am such a realist and this was waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone - trying to make something out of a mess !!! Only did it once and never again !! LoL


IKE in Greece xxxxx

Winnie said...

What a great class! I loved how you made the first piece and then used a portion of the image to inspire your lovely piece. Love the cool feel you got with the colors perfect for the water feel.

Shoshi said...

ROFL Annette - keep taking the tablets! Seriously though, that painting is totally awesome - and was a fascinating process for getting there. I love it. Dry brushing is such a great technique isn't it.


VonnyK said...

What a great way to learn painting. I saw the man in your abstract and then the other things you mentioned, love it. I've never done abstract cos I just don't like it but now I might have a go and see what happens. Yours is fabulous.

Sue Marrazzo said...



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