Sunday, April 20, 2008

Acrylic Bird Painting

Long ago when I was a teenager and young adult I drew,painted and wrote poetry.Not for any reason just as a creative outlet.I couldn't afford art leasons or good supplies so just bought cheap sketch books,pencils and paints.After I got married these past times were lost to me and it wasn't till I discovered paper arts over 14yrs or so ago that I again found a creative outlet...mind you the time to do it is still hampered by the non creative part of my life taking over my "play" time more often then not.Maybe that will change as the kids get older and move out...I can dream hey LOL
Well the Dry is here in the Northern Territory and this brings long warm days and cool nights.It's when I do a big annual clean.It's far too hot and sweaty in the high humidity of the Wet to do any great cleaning at all.I'm not a super clean freak but once a year I like to get in and sort out things that need throwing out.Well I was sorting out the bedroom cupboard and came across my old sketch books.Birds are in at the moment in the paper crafting World and when I saw this old painting I did I thought I would scan it and maybe print it out and use it in my work.Funny what you keep :o)


Zeborah Loray said...

I hope you start using your sketches. Looking forward to seeing more of them

You've been tagged - check out my blog for details:

Sorry about that. Not my fault.

Adrienne Goodenough said...

I love this painting, Annette. I'm not surprised you kept it, I think it is quite saleable.

I have been looking at some drawings I did 30 years ago and thinking I am still quite proud of them and wondering if I can use them in my papercrafting. You've inspired me to have a try!

Annette Husband said...

Thanks Zeb and Adrienne
it seems I was good at drawing eyes in the pencil sketches I have kept sp think I shall make some into polymer stamps.Yes Adrienne you get them out and be proud of them .Would love to see what you come up with :O)


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