Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yummy Card In The Mail

Look at this gorgeous card that Celeste Santin made for me...I adore it!!!.I gave Celeste the Fairy in The Secret Garden collage card I made last month for her birthday and she made me this as a thanks.It's sitting right in front of me at my desk so hope it gives me some inspiration when my muse flies off.I wanted to get creating today before I go to work but have all the kids home due to a teachers strike WAH.
I'm hoping to make a few short Youtube shows on how I use Opals embossing enamels soon...waiting for our digicam to come back from repairs.Also I'm having the WORST run in Ranger Melt Pots...they keep on stop working for some reason and I'm not happy....of course I could use my OLD and trusty electric skillet but it's not very nice to look at LOL.The first melt pot was bought here in Oz and worked for a year and then suddenly stopped.I really liked how versatile it can use it with moulds to make chocolates,soaps,Opals molded stuff and even Sculpey can be baked in after a while I took the plunge and got a second one from the USA and used a power converter adaptor so I could use it with the Aussie power source...worked fine for two months and again just stopped working one day.
I swore off them for well over a year but thought I would just try one more time.Surely I couldn't be that jinxed that a third one would do the same thing?...Yeh Right....had it turned on for five minutes and bloomin heck it stopped working.Left it to cool turned off overnight and it still wont work.I've e-mailed Ranger directly and got no reply.The adaptor I used works fine with other appliances from the USA we have so not sure what is going on for me here...I'm thinking the element is burning out for some reason but why me.The problem had occurred here in this house and at the Wildlife Park staff village so it's not just a wiring thing here.I've got friends who have had Melt Pots here in Oz for yrs and they have no problem.

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