Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Textured Gesso Canvas At Last

OMG don't you hate when your computer dies.I have had this project done for two weeks but haven't had a computer to upload it....well that isn't quiet right as we actually usually have three computers at home but one completely died two weeks ago and the other has been in at the repairers for two months(it was only three months old gggrrr)...this left the oldest slowest computer for the three teenagers,Dad and Mum to use.Well now as all us Mum's know we are the last to get to do anything and with the others hogging computer time I didn't get a look in.So by last Sunday I had had enough and went off to get this new PC.The old computer used XP and this uses Vista so it has taken me ages to get all our old hardware drivers updated to work in Vista let alone find my way around it LOL
Anyway here is the canvas I made with my Textured Gesso stuff from my long ago previous post.It's A4 in size.IT says "Our lost loved ones are never for from sight for they are the scattered stars just beyond the blanket of night".You can see the plastic mesh I embedded into the textured gesso and Opals mix at the top.The Angel scattering heavens stars is a foam cone cut in half and covered with Liquid Nails on top that I dabbed up and down to make texture with ala Michael De Meng.When it dried I painted it with Golden acrylics.The face is air dry clay pressed into a cheap face mold I had from Spotlight and her hair is made with more liquid nails and paint.The city scape glittering in the fading light of dusk at the bottom is mat board cut to shape and painted with Golden acrylics.Just above the city is the nights "blanket " which is dressing gauze painted with black gesso and then Jo Sonja Opal Dust

Here you can see some of the stars closer.They are all Translucent Liquid Sculpey transfers of black and white vintage images.I then stuck them to little wooden stars and trimmed them to size.You can also see my Angel wing here is Angelina Fibres that I stamped with my home made polymer wings stamps I made with the stamp making machine I won.The Angel arms were tree twigs that I covered with paper masking tape,then Liquid Nails and Golden Acrylics.The scalloped German scrap parts I painted and used as her clothing trim

This the view from top down so you can get an idea of the texture in it all.The Angel crown was an old gold jewellery finding I had that was meant for a necklace.The boarders of the canvas have German scrap painted with black gesso and I then highlighted the edges with gold paint.

This is taken from the side and the image below from the bottom.

I have no idea what I will do with his piece.I have never kept anything for myself that I had made in my past yet I think I may keep this.It was inspired by making textured gesso backgrounds but once it got to look like a stary stary night it did take on a meaning for me.See my Dad passed away when I was 15 and at that age I was neither a child nor really an adult.He went to mow an elderly ladies lawn and never came back and I never saw him again.So I clearly have these memories of that time thinking he had become a star in heaven and it made me feel safe then to think he was watching over us all from the heavens.I imagined an Angel scattering the stars of lost loved ones at dusk to shine on down for all us living people to see....these thoughts are why I made the canvas I think. Wether I can stop looking at the peice in my critical of self way is another thing LOL


Night Owl Designs said...

Annette, this is amazing! I love the cityscape along the bottom. You should definitely keep this one.

Annette Husband said...

Thanks Sephi...my dh even likes it....hhhmmm he is an Ebay freak so I may just have to hide it from him LOL

Artlab said...

Wow- it is incedibly dimensional!!! I absolutely love it!

Zeborah Loray said...

This is wonderful.
I think you should keep this one.

You are an amazing artist.

Rosie said...

Annette - this is such a personal piece and absolutely a triumph of textural design. I agree... it's a keeper!
I do understand about the self-critical thing - we do it all the time, don't we?!
So glad to see you back in Blogland.

Danielle D said...

Oh, wow, Annette. This is amazing, I almost want to reach out and touch the screen, the textures are so enticing. (I'm so glad I found your blog, too!)

kelsey said...

As this piece has personal meaning for you, absolutely keep it! Some things are just meant to be connected to you forever....I think this is one of them. It's simply gorgeous and textural.

Night Owl Designs said...

Hi Annette, Just letting you know that I've given you the Arte y Pico award on my blog :-) Sephi

Annette Husband said...

Hi all
still doing the big catch up after not having computer use for so long but just wanted to say thanks for everyones comments and the star angel is on display in the hall...so keep her I will

Barb said...

Annette your Star Angel is superb and a permanent place in your home is defintiely a fitting resting place for her.
Congratulations on your award, extrememly well deserved.


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