Friday, April 25, 2008

Rusty Reserected

This is Rusty.She is a lrage art doll clock I made from a Tuna can and rusty objects found in the old Gold Fields near where we live.I made her after another I had made for a challenge at the After Midnight Art Stamps yahoo group where we had to use a tuna can to make something with.I can't show you that one yet as Linda is trying to get tall he challenge entries published in the USA.Rusty was in the last Rubber Gazette that got published and she came home in a sorry state with bits broken and missing.I had forgot about her till today when I found her in another cupboard I was cleaning out.So today I repaired her and gave her new batteries and she is working again and now resides on an old glass cabinet in the lounge.I'm not used to looking at my creations LOL but I am happy she is repaired and rusting in peace.She is a mother with a child and protecting the time she has on Earth with her child...there are places represented by charms,faces and words around her head.The hands of life hold her head high and the clock of life reside within.

Inside Rusty is a working clock.Around the clock face are molds and ephemera and words that read "one should be a piece of art rather then wear a piece of art"

On the back is a saying from Shakespear that reads "I wasted time,now doth time waste me".On the back of her head is a rusted escutcheon...maybe it holds the secret of her past love...the reason why she ticks

Under the rusted escutcheon there is an Opals Franklin double transfer of a couple and loving words...I guess just like love rust is not lost but continues to grow...well at least for Rusty it does :o)


France said...

What a nice bunch of rust!!!

Night Owl Designs said...

Love that quote Annette!

Jen Crossley said...

HOw awesome Annette your a girl after my own heart RUST!!
simply to die for

Cory said...

Beautiful this piece.

Cory in Arizona

Zeborah Loray said...

OMG- that is wonderful. Love it!!!!
You never cease to amaze me.

Alien Thoughts said...

Annette, this is so very beautiful. I am so glad you fixed her and shared her with us. Thank you.


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