Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Embossing Enamel Transfers (UTEE or Opals etc) / Tipnique Tuesday

Hi all
this is actually an old technique of my own. One week-end 6 yrs ago I was reading about heat transfers on a plane and then suddenly had a thought that you should be able to use the heat from melted embossing enamels to transfer Laser printed images the same way. So when I could I spent a week-end and worked out exactly how to do this. That technique is below from a past post that I have bumped up to now. There will be a video at the end too :o). OF COURSE you can use Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels from other companies but I have never tried this with any other brands

I'm a great fan of Opals embossing Enamels and one of things I love doing with them is heat transfers. Once the Opals are melted and poured onto toner or Laser copied images or over images printed with Dura Bright inks they will transfer the image to the back of Opals. I quite often use the Franklin Opals to do clear transfers this way but they also look good when you use some of the paler Opals colours. You can use colour images or black and white ones. Wrapping papers and glossy magazine images work too. When I print I use plain copy paper not photo paper. Coat images to be transferred with a good amount of Versamark Watermark ink...directly from the ink pad onto the image. Today I mixed a small amount of Franklin clear with Sandstone Opals in the Melt pot. While it melted I put an oval cookie cutter near my image which is one from an old magazine.

I coated the image in the Versamark Watermark ink pad ink. Then I used the re-inker of the same pad to apply a thin line around the cookie cutter.

Next I poured on the melted Franklin and Sandstone mix over the image

Press the cookie cutter in while it is still molten, Versamark ink side down into the Opals and leave it till very cool. The metal cutter will stay warm longer then you think so be careful and patient or you may burn yourself. At this stage you can use the heat gun to move the Opals if needed while it is still in the cutter over the image. Don't be tempted to hold the metal cutter though

Once COMPLETELY cool gently peel off the backing paper and pop the transfer out of the cutter. The Versamark Watermark ink helps the transfer release easily from the cutter but if it is a little stuck you can carefully run a sharp craft knife close to the edge if need be

Now place the transfer paper side up in slightly warm water and use your finger to rub the paper away. Its the same process you use when doing package tape or cold laminate transfers. Continue rubbing till all the backing paper is removed.

TADA I now have a lovely colour image transferred to my Opals ready to use in my art work. If you do clear transfers and want to colour the transfer use alcohol inks, acrylics and permanent markers. The other at left on my desk are all transfers...the blue one is colour and some of the others are down straight in metal frames.

Here are two step videos for those who like to watch the technique instead. Here is video one

and video 2 is here

I've finally worked out how to enhance my old videos in Youtube to make these two videos not so dark looking LOL. Youtube says it may take a bit for the changes to be processed but you can still watch the old one till then. Hope this is of use to SOMEONE!!!
Annette In Oz 


Subriagirl said...

The end result looks like an ancient relic......great work! I'm sure the picture doesn't do full justice to the piece but it comes close! Thanks for the wonderful step by step instructions.

France said...

That's gorgeous Annette!!!

Sue McGettigan said...

That is fabulous!! Love the whole idea, thanks for sharing such a fun technique!

Night Owl Designs said...

So cool Annette, might have to try this technique myself :-)

Danielle D said...

Oh, wow! I can't believe how fantastic this looks - all golden and aged. I am definitely going to try this out - I've done that kind of transfer with packing tape before, but never on OPALs.

Jen Crossley said...

Your ao awesome Annette another wonderful techinque


Thanks everyone
yes they are easy to do and Danielle you get a more aged look by crinkling a little of the image before the transfer process as I did on the Egyptian one.Still no luck with getting my videos back from Google...there is some big problem there...may have to sus out other video upload sites

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I just discovered Opals. A local shop where I live is the only dealer in Canada. I loved your technique and will be checking out your site often.

Karla Bear
Airdrie, Alberta Canada (Calgary)


YES Bethel you can put it thru the sewing machine and hand sew thru it easily :o). You can cut it, punch ot and run it thru embossing machines etc. Of course thinner sheets work best for sewing and embossing.

Squiddy said...

Memory Lane... I remember you teaching this in NZ. Pity Opals are closing down - or has some good-hearted being bought the company.

Glenda said...

Fantastic Annette. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all.

ike said...

Totally cool - that's a fantastic effect. Thank you for the videos :-)
IKE xxx


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