Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pyramid Card How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

                                     Pyramid Card Tutorial
This week I'll share how to make a free standing pyramid card. You can make these fancy or plain, decorate all sides or just one. My sample is one I made a while back that I have actually kept for myself and all sides are decorated. I took it beyond simple and made some little recesses to act as small shadow boxes. I called it the Pyramid of Life and there are more close up images here

  • 3x10.5cm (4 inches) squares of card stock. You can have them all the same colour but for this tutorial I'll have two plain white and a contrasting piece.
  • Glue, pencil, ruber, ruler, craft knife, bone folder and craft mat
                  HOW TOO
1) Measure and cut out three 10.5cm squares. I'll use two plain and one contrasting piece.

2) Score each square from one point to the other and fold them in half to make triangles. Press fold with bone folder.

4) Unfold and place two squares side by side.

5) Have third piece in a diamond shape. Flip it over and apply glue to one side and then align and adhere it to square at right-see below. The right square is UNDER the left side of the diamond. The easiest way to do this is place the diamond on the square, turn both over and make a light pencil mark where the glue needs to go on rear of the diamond. Apply glue, turn both pieces back over and then press diamond on top of square along the fold line of the square.

6) Place second square OVER right side of diamond, turn it all over, make a light pencil mark where glue is to go. Apply glue to the square. Turn all three pieces to front again and press the left side of the square to the right side of the diamond along the central fold of the diamond.

7) Make a slit at left side. Mine was 4.5cm up on the side from the left point, 2cm in and about 2cm long.

 8) Fold the pyramid up and tuck the right edge into the slit you made at the left side and you now have a free standing pyramid card.

You can unfold the card once fully decorated as desired for posting if need be. Decorate all sides or just one. Have fun!
Annette In Oz 


Lucy said...

Just beautiful Annette. May try to make one myself, even though I am measuring challenged!
Thank you for sharing!
Hugs Lucy

Redanne said...

A great tuturial Annette and your finished article is a delight to behold! Love the feet. Hugs, Anne x

Winnie said...

So pretty Annette! Love the shape and all the great ways you embellished it. Thank you for sharing the "how to". I will give it a try soon (after I am done with the Mother's Day and Communion cards I am working on..)

Glenda said...

Thanks Annette for sharing. Love your pyramid. Would love to see it IRL.

ike said...

WoWza - I am going to have to try this... it's awesome !!! Thank you for the TuT. :-)
Where did you get the little feet ????
IKE xxx

ike said...

I tried it with a very simply design, but wanted to try the shape. It's nothing like yours coz that just blows my socks off, but it was very simple to follow your brilliant TuT. Thank you :-D
IKE xx

my card is here if you wanted to see my feeble effort LoL :

Jules said...

Love these cards! Going have to try this :) Thanks for sharing Jules


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