Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Springy Thingy Card Video How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

I made a little video about how to make the Springy Thingy card from Tuesdays Tipnique post below this one. There are a couple of minor errors but if you prefer to watch a how too then read it this is for you. Sorry about the daggy Oz voice :o).  Oh and judging by my stained and much used plastic table cloth on my art bench I REALLY need to change it LOL!!!


SSSSOOO wishing I didn't have to go to work today as some mail has just come for me for cold connecting my jewellery that I have been waiting for and now I wont get to play till Friday *sigh*. My 50yr old body is telling me I need to get of nursing!! Lets hope I win lotto on Thursday.
Annette In Oz

1 comment:

Cazzy said...

Thanks for the video tutorial, and I like your accent!

Cazzy x


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