Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pastel (wax or crayon) Stamping How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

Hi everyone
this Tuesday I shall share a technique I discovered myself. Don't get me wrong as I am under no illusion some one some place else hasn't done this as well but this is what I came up with one day on my own. I don't think I have seen it on others blogs. When I pulled this page open in my tips and techniques book I was actually surprised at how well this sample below had kept as I think it was about 10 yrs ago I stamped the piece with pastels and filed it away. The pastel stamping was done on acrylic painted over canvas sheets. Image 1 is flash off and image two flash on. As you can see this technique gives you images that look water coloured and ghostly. The more pastel you apply can give you raised texture when you stamp.

  • Crayola Portfolio Series water soluble oil pastels. Other crayons/pastels may work but I haven't tried them
  • Stamps of choice. Bold stamps without too much detail work best
  • Heat gun
  • Something to stamp on such as smooth water colour paper, canvas sheets, card stock etc etc
1) Have the oil pastels, heat gun and what you want to stamp on close by as you need to work fast for this technique

2) Colour directly on the stamps with colours of pastel of choice

3) Apply heat to the stamp. The wax melts and takes on a shiny appearance so as soon as it looks "wet" turn off heat gun and stamp onto chosen surface

4) When done wash stamps in warm soapy water to get the wax colour off.

As I wanted to show you clearly what to do I was using smooth water colour paper that was not coloured before I stamped. In the image below the center flower was re stamped without adding any further pastel colour as soon as I lifted the stamped image at the left. It gave a faded look

I made this into a quick card by colouring the back ground with water colour pastels using the wet on dry method. That is a wet brush loaded with my colour onto the dry water colour paper. Image one is flash off and image two flash on

Here is another sample with the background pre coloured with sprays on the smooth water colour paper before I did the pastel stamping. Image one flash off and image two flash on

 Lastly another sample again on pre coloured, smooth water colour paper. Image one flash off and image two flash on.

Here is a little video of the technique for you if you prefer to watch the process here

As I said in the past when I do these tips and techniques I'll make the process easy enough for beginners to achieve the end result OK but if you want to go for full on mixed media effects go for it :o). My Translucent liquid Sculpey transfer from last week has become a WIP (work in progress) as I had partly machine sewed it to a calico bag when my old sewing machine died. I can't afford a new one for a few weeks but when I do I'll finish that project.
Annette In Oz


Debbie Frost said...

I love your designs Annette love the technique too I'm always on the look out for something new to try.Gorgeous colours have a good day Debs x

Glenda said...

Fantastic Annette. Will be trying this out. I've got a couple of sets of wax crayons so will let you know how it goes.

Winnie said...

Such a fun technique! I have not seen that before. I haven't used oil pastels in ages. I love to color directly on my stamps with wc crayons and spray with water, you way looks fun and thank you for the vid! The pieces you created are so lovely!


Thanks Debs. Yes please Glenda let me know if it works with other types of crayona/pastels. Thanks Winnie...yes I have done that too with water but the Portfolio oil pastels (which are water colour pastels) are thicker or creamier and that's why I tried to use the heat gun with them.
Annette xxx


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