Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fused Glass Ned Kelly/Leichhardt's Grasshopper

We have done two day trips to local spots.On one we went down to the Adelaide River hills for a wander.I love going down there.There are many old World War Two camps scattered thru the hills and at one we found an old bottle that had been broken.Bushfires then have fused the pieces back together and left it as a distorted chunk that I reckon looks like Ned Kelly(1855-1880) our famous or infamous bush ranger.Ned made himself some armour and had a helmet,metal upper arm pads,chest/groin metal plates and metal boots.He apparently wore a duffel coat over the top.I'll put some photos of the armour below.
Here is the Ned Kelly glass photographed with no flash-glass armour and duffel coat on

taken with a flash

an old wood print of Ned from the State Library of Victoria
his armour on display
As soon as we picked the glass up I said it looks like Ned Kelly... What do you think?

On another day we ducked out to Kakadu.We again went to Nourlangie and tracks around there.Off one track we found some Leichhardt's grasshoppers.You can only see these for a few weeks in the Wet season and it was great to find some.They stand out like Christmas decorations due to their bright orange and blue colour.Grant took the next three photos.

This is a Wet season shot of Nourlangie from Nawarlandja(littel Nourlangie)

I'm hoping we get to do another day trip before I have to return to work on Thursday.I've finished another etched metal cuff too that I shall load up to my blog tonight.
Annette In Oz

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