Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brass,Copper and Glass Bead Jewellery

Shucks folks...thanks for all the lovely comments regarding the etching and my cuffs.I'm very touched and yet very humble as I truly have so much to learn in jewellery making yet.Besides its Jen Crossley's fault LOL...and I love her for opening that door for me.I had a few hours to get something done with some of the etched pieces this afternoon...well after I spent several hours cleaning up after Melissa's 8 friends who descended on our small abode overnight to play games on the PlayStation,Wii and computer.....I did the brave thing and Grant and I spent the night in town in a Hotel LOL.I tried my beads against the etched brass and loved how the iridescent glass beads looked with it so I made a hammered copper and glass bead set of jewellery.Here is the necklace.

the ear-rings

and the cuff now embellished from the front

From the side

and from the other side

As I am a novice to all of this I learn as I hammering the copper makes it weak and easier to break and its easy to break glass beads if you hammer too close LOL.Melissa has already asked me for the the set but I think I'll hide it from her *grin*.I hope to make my nest necklace tonight so I have a complete set again for me.From Monday I will be a bit missing in action as I have to make my 24 pages for an international collaborative book swap.
Annette in Oz

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