Friday, January 22, 2010

Necklaces Done

OMG time is flying by and I will be back at work before I know it *sigh*.I've started my 24 pages for the international bag book swap but in the evening the light is too bad to create in so I turned on my daylight lamp and finished 2 necklaces.They are hard to take photo's of at this time of night but I think you can get what they look like.This first one has a real tin type on it...a dangle at the bottom that I have no idea what it really is (both from Jen Crossley),a piece of worn wood at the top that I found walking around the block and an old bone button that I found down in the old Gold Fields near us.

Then I finally re-made a nest necklace for myself as my girls took my other ones.As I said the light is mucking my photos up and the etching isn't as bright on both necklaces as it is in real life.

Back to book pages in the am and then I'll try to get the other cuff embellished tomorrow evening and have it up.Oh and a photo of a broken glass bottle that has then been in a bush fire and fused together...I reckon it looks like Ned Kelly LOL(a famous Aussie Bushranger)that we found in the Adelaide River Hills.There are many World War2 camps in the hills and thats where we found it.Intact bottles have 1942-43 imprinted on the bottoms that we have left there insitu in the same area.
Annette In Oz

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