Thursday, March 15, 2012

Steampunk bracelets-"He Is Hot For Her" and "First Love" .

I had fun sifting thru my stash to make two bracelets. I used plain bezel blank bracelets. Ive had them for ages and don't recall where I got them originaly from but I think it may have been from Bsue Boutique. This first one has a male and lady vintage image at each end with an old washer over each image, seperated by watch parts and a porceline Hot tap top in the middle. I used ice resin over the images and under the watch and tap parts. "He Is Hot For Her" or "She Is Hot For Him" is vintage brass toned.

"First Love" has vintage children images covered in Ice Resin and  "XOX" spelt using old type writter letters from Retrocafeart. This one is vintage silver toned.

Both were no strain to my sore arm but where fun to make. I can't wait till I am allowed to drive again so I can wear them and my rings out and about. I love making things to wear that nobody else has :o). Next I want to try and make an adjustable ring froms some scraps using my new rivet system tool set and Pepe punches I got from Jen Crossley's shop A Mark In Time

Annette In Oz


Celeste said...

Absolutely adore xox bracelet. I have some keys and bracelet blanks to assemble one day also. This is a beauty.

Mens Bracelets said...

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Jen Crossley said...

WOW love this Annette.


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