Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Seven Deadly Sins

My phone and internet only worked for 1 day and we have now waited another 6 days till this am when a Telstra man and fixed the line again. Hopefuly this time it will stay fixed!! I Totally forgot to put up the images of the last Collaborative book swap I was in. It arrived just prior to me going to New Zealand last September. There were only 8 of us in the swap and the theme was The Seven Deadly Sins. I was the last person to sign up so I did the the contents page. Each page had a colour chosen as well. Here is the lovely tactile cover using all the colours for the book pages.

The front and back of the contents page by me.

Red-Wrath page by Gail Smith

Yellow-Pride page by Micky Choo.

Brown-Sloth page by Teresa Abajo.

Green-Envy page by Michelle Brown

Aqua-Greed page by Greta Young

Pink-Lust page by Evelyn Watt

Purple-Glutony page by Jo hughes.

My shoulder is much better though still a bit sore when I raise my arm above my head or if I inadvertantly put too much pressure thru it. So I have finally been able to create a few more pieces of jewellery. I'm waiting for the Ice Resin to set on them and then I shall load them into here as well. I've made a handmade adjustable bottle cap ring, an etched nickle/silver heart necklace and I also etched some tiny brass suitcases and purfume bottles that I got from Retrocafeart. It took me several days to work out how to etch just one side and protect the rest on the brass suitcases and perfume bottles, while protecting what I didn't want to etch but work it out I did :o)
Annette In Oz


Lauren said...

What a lovely art book! I tried to email you at the address you posted on my blog but it bounced back to me. :(

Suzanne said...

Love your content page. I am busy being back at Uni (at 50!) so I'm not ignoring your casting pleas, just can't see myself doing any extra this year. If I find a good class I'd love to sign up for a refresher myself!

Samantha Marshall said...

Fabulous book!!!! I'm glad to hear your shoulder is getting better. Looking forward to seeing your new pieces.


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