Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Ring and Necklaces

Telstra fixed my phone at last wahoo. My arm is still painful a little but each week is better then the last and I am able to create without too much poain at last. I finally got to try my new riveting/eyelet setting system for metal and metal Pepe punches that I got from Jen Crossley's shop Amarkintime. I have allot of small pieces of metal left over and had put them aside to make some hand made ring blanks. Here is the first I made. It has an adjustable brass band which is riveted to a punched brass circle. On top I have attached a bottle cap with a bird image, gauze and tiny eggs inside that is then filled with glorious Ice Resin.

While I waited for the Resin to set I cut a heart shape with my jewellers saw in some scrap nickel silver. I etched it and used a brass washer as a bezel. Inside is a vintage image covered in Ice Resin. On top was something I found on the ground...a little silver ring with a nobbly edge...I have no idea what it is LOL. Around the edge is some diamante trim. A vintage chandelier charm hangs at the base.

Lastly I had some small brass suitcases that I got from Kristin at Retroartcafe. I knew I wanted to etch these but it took me a few days to work out just how to do this only on one side and not damage the parts I didn't wish to etch. I finally worked it out and it came up a treat. I love how you can put things inside these.

 I've also etched another one plus some small brass perfume bottles that I am trying to make heads for as they look like small bodies LOL. Last weekend I went to Sydney for an amazing but quick visit with Trizzy(Teresa Crouch) where I also attended an art retreat that Trizzy and her friend Vickie Deans organized. I'll post some pictures and what we made soon re that. :o)
Annette In Oz


Chris Arlington said...

Your jewellry is awesome Annette !

stregata said...

Wow - look at all these great pieces! Seems your arm must be much better - did I hear you say: jeweller's saw? Congratulations! So glad to hear this.

Jen Crossley said...

So glad you love the rivet tool its awesome eh.

angela ehaaris said...

thanks for sharing annette, i have followed jen crossley for awhile, i am so jealous you got to take a class from her so i appreciate your sharing, great jewelry! angi e in hana,maui


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