Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some art by Jinny Bell

Hi all
my shoulder is still causing me allot of pain and I am very frustrated with how slowly it is healing. I saw the specialist for my 2 week post op surgery review last Tuesday. When I told him I was surprised at how painful my arm was/is still post surgery he told me when he got inside the shoulder it was a real mess with so much calcium build up and calcium floating around it looked like a snow storm....had a nice picture of snowmen in my head after he said that LOL. He also said the amount of work he had to do with shaving the bone back etc would cause me pain equal to me fracturing my no wonder its sore.  Still I just want to get arty farty sooner rather then later. I think I may just have a resin day tomorrow as I do not have to move the arm too much for that....see I'm feeling rather inspired after I got some awesome mail yesterday.
The lovely Jinny Bell from New Zealand made me the most gorgeous magnet collage art I have ever received. I had the utter pleasure of meeting and staying with Jinny and her darling hubby Allen (that man can cook and then some LOL) in New Zealand last September...she is a very special person to me and very artistic herself. here is the magnet:

It is very layered yet feels smooth in spots and I LAURVE that Jinny used a stamp with a Weta(the insect looking creature at lower right) on it as I got to see a real one on Jinny's wall while I was there :o). This art piece is 15cm by 13cms so large and gorgeous. Thank you Miss Jinny xxx
Annette In Oz


Chris Arlington said...

This is a lovely collage Annette. I do hope you feel much better soon. Have a good stiff drink on me and relax. xo

do you know you have double word verification on you comments post?

stregata said...

Sorry to hear your shoulder is causing you so much pain - hope recovery will speed up soon.
Lovely piece you received - the weta looks like a large cricket to me - would that be about right?

Magnetic Island Artist Edward Blum. said...

Amazing, very creative blog. Incredible drawings, multi talented.


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